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  1. Cravings

    I'm really shocked and excited to say I haven't had any cravings. When I see stuff I used to love I really haven't even been tempted to eat it. Not even bread. I used to absolutely love nice European style crusty bread. It still looks yummy and smells yummy but I haven't been tempted by it. I've been great about following a low carb diet. I've NEVER been able to do that. I knew this would help with eating less but I really think it's helping me make better choices. I also am thinking regularly ...
  2. Still obese

    So I've lost quite a bit of weight from before surgery until now. I'm halfway to my goal (more or less). I have to lose 15 lbs to leave obese and just be overweight. I keep looking at myself and I don't see it anymore. I feel great. I know I'm not thin but I can't see the obese person anymore. I know I still have weight to lose and I'm determined to get there. But still obese? Am I the only one feeling like this? It's like the opposite of when anorexic people see themselves as fat. I see ...
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