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  1. Fatbgone's Avatar
    He's a great doctor and he's had the surgery himself. It will be a great experience for you. A little different than the states, but good.
  2. Andrea Zeeuw's Avatar
    Thanks so much...this really eases my nervousness ��
  3. dianne g's Avatar
    he's awesome. I had awesome care with no zero complications-they took every step to make sure I was safe for surgery-i have no regrets
  4. mrtumnus's Avatar
    Dr A is awesome...there is the potential of death and complications, but that is with every surgery. I would go back and do this all over in a heart beat
  5. vanzimme's Avatar
    those are old stories. He now does surgery in a hospital and it is staffed with amazing nurses who have longer training programs than a lot of US RN's. The care you will get at the hotel will be amazing as well. RN's and the hotel Dr. at your beck and call. It was amazing and your in good hands. I just had mine done with Dr. Hernandez 11/10 but i saw Dr. A right twice before surgery as well.
  6. secretblonde's Avatar
    Nothing to be afraid of ...Dr A rocks ...does a fabulous job ... he helps you be the best you can be ...but you do have to work at it!! Best of luck on your journey