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  1. Shoulder / Rotator Cuff Surgery

    Of the 4 muscles and tendons in my right shoulder, I tore 3 of them on NOV 5th. (Yard work, dragging a branch, fell backwards...I'm NOT 19 any more..)

    Gastric sleeve w/ gallbladder removal on 12/13, and arthroscopic reattachment of 3 tendons on 12/20. No more surgeries for at LEAST 2 years.

    With my arm in a sling, and limited mobility, I'm still loosing weight, and staying positive. I haven't posted any updates or replies, because of the pain. My Queen is an RN, so ...
  2. Sleeve w/ Gallbladder Removal


    I'll keep it brief....

    I was warned by a lady in our group, that if I felt the build-up of gas, or a "rumbling in my backside", go straight to the toilet. More than air may be escaping....keep a clean pair of shorts nearby.

    I'm now 5 days post-op, and most of my ingested liquids appear to be coming from my bum... I choose my routes of travel, based on the possibility of a clean restroom. Any input on how long this will haunt me?
  3. ...and on the 3rd day...

    Yes. Finally. They're gonna remove this tube hanging from my stomach.
    Sleeping on my back takes some getting used to, but it will soon be a memory. I can lay slightly on my side, with minimal discomfort, or fear of messing something up.

    Speaking of "messing something up"...... that'll be a different blog entry (TMI, gallbladder removal).

    Still, blessed that I had none of the side effects that hampered others in my group (thank you LORD)!
  4. 2 Days Post-Op, bored....

    I,m at the hotel (Hacienda del Rio), and bored. Yes, i was visited by one of the "traveling doctors" yesterday, and medications are administered by a qualifies RN every 12 hours, but there was nothing else for me to do at the hotel. (The TV has 3 channels in English.) Fortunately, we hooked-up with a couple from Texas, and they were more than good people, they were good company! His wife had the procedure, so we compared notes, and interacted / doubled-teamed the Nurses
    :-D ...
  5. Day of Surgery

    I met the Anesthesiologist, and 3 of the Surgical nurses; everyone seemed professional, courteous, knowledgeable...and had a sense of humor. I guess they need it to keep so many people from various backgrounds calm.

    Once my procedure was completed, I vaguely remember answering some questions in the "waiting room", and climbing into my bed at the hospital.

    Within 3 hours of my procedure, some women from my group were walking the halls. No, I wasn't being ...
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