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  1. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    3 Weeks Post-op

    Eating hurts.

    The top of my stomach and/or lower portion of my esophagus cramp when I eat anything remotely solid. I've always been a very busy person who waits until I am terribly hungry to eat a meal,.. then,... I eat fast and waaaaay too much. So this is probably 'operator error', on my part. I'm just going to have to adjust to the fact that eating is going to take some time going forward.

    That's one way to make someone drop 21 ...
  2. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    2 Weeks Post-Op

    I'm feeling REALLY good! Once in a while, particularly when I go from sitting to standing I feel something akin to a sore muscle in my abdomen which only lasts a minute or two. Beyond that,... nada. No pain. No sorenes. Nothing.

    My body definitely tells me to eat slowly and rebels if I don't. It also fusses if I eat more than a few bites. It might take me half hour to eat a cup of soup. That is exactly what I needed though and I've already lost ...
  3. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    7 Day Post-op Follow Up!

    Finally! Answers, relief and healing!

    I am truly feeling better. I had a blockage causing all that pain. Narcotics do it to me every time.

    This was a great day! Not only did I figure out the source, and resolve the monster pain I've been experiencing, but I also have now advanced to a liquid diet,.. as opposed to a 'clear' liquid diet. I am once again encouraged.

    The past 7 days have been brutal but would I ...
  4. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 6

    I acknowledge it may be wishful thinking but I may,.. or may not,... feel a bit better. Clearly not enough to be sure but I'm hopeful for better days ahead.

    There is absolutely nothing planned today. Not even walking. I realize that is not a good plan but either something is wrong or my body isn't healing like most and I plan to take it easy until there is clear signs of healing,.. and feeling better.

    I have a follow up appt tomorrow, whew. ...
  5. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 5 Post-op

    The day started well. My pain was MUUUCH better. I know I said I was going to shower on day 4 but I ended up not feeling up to it. Today I did though! I had the energy and minor pain level so I not only showered but enjoyed it until all the hot water ran out! It,.. was heavenly.

    I felt so great that I ended up driving, shopping, doing a lot of walking etc. I wanted to make up for lost time because until this day I have not been getting around ...
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