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  1. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 4 Post-op

    I am feeling better today! I continue taking pain medication every 6 hours, alternating between the hydrocodone and tylenol. I also continue taking the nausea medication as well as omeprazole for gas and folbic to help prevent clotting. I've got my compression socks on and belly support. I totally do not look like a 'grandma'. Totally.

    I'm going to take my first post-op shower today. DON'T JUDGE! I have not felt up to it until today.
  2. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 3 Post-op

    I am still in A LOT of pain but it seems a wee bit better than Day 2. Still, it is enough pain that I avoid getting up/down and walking. Probably not a good plan to avoid the walking but this pain is nearly unbearable, for me. This day is similar to previous with exception that the pain is slightly less severe and my nausea is under control with the use of medication. I would rate my pain 8/10, to give it some perspective.
  3. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 2 Post-op

    I'm still feeling pretty good in the first part of day but by noon, or so, the PAIN from the actual surgery begins to rear its ugly head. Getting up, getting down and walking around H-U-R-T!! I have to break down and fill that script for narcotics. And,.. nausea medication. I believe the nausea, for me, is caused by having to use multiple medications, most notably a narcotic. Until I began hydrocodone this day, I've not experienced nausea.

    I'm in ...
  4. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 1 Post-op

    Oh my gawsh, these drugs keep me so sleepy. Pain is minimal unless I am getting up or down. Once I'm up, or down I am pretty comfortable.

    Zero appetite but I'm very thirsty and all they will give me is ice chips. I just wait for them to melt and drink. I win!

    I get broth and jello for breakfast,.. same for lunch. Doc is releasing me to go home.

    The ride home is rough. Every little bump in the road hurts like a mofo. ...
  5. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day of Surgery

    Here we go!


    I have a friend come with but she leaves after my IV. I'm laying there for an hour waiting with nerves of steel. I probably look pathetic though,.. all alone. Who does that? Me that's who! TADA! Nerves of steel, nerves of steel. *bow*

    My surgeon comes in for Q&A as does the Anesthesiologist. I impress upon them both that I have history of nausea and vomiting following general anesthesia and it ...
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