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  1. Quick update!

    Hello everyone havent been on here in a while.
    well i just wanted to say im happy so far with my results.
    im trying to get better at taking my vitamins.
    now i need to work on the working out part because that for sure isnt changing on me. i hate that i get so lazy. when it comes to working out.
    well i weighed myself yesterday and i weigh 297 pounds!!
    i was so happy because i havent weighed under 300 since i was in middle school. so it was a pretty big day for ...
  2. idk what to do???? help!!

    hello everyone, well here i am at the same weight i posted about last time...i am not loosing weight. i am not going to lie i have fallen off the wagon and eat anything but only a little. But i am going to start eating healthy again. i dont want to gain back those 100+ pounds.
    i do need to work out too because i stoped
    i need help though i am feeling dizzy and tired allot idk why
    it might be my vitamins isnt enough

    What vitamins do you guys take that arent ...
  3. Officially lost 100 pounds guys!!!

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted in months.... I just want to give a quick update. I have lost total 100 pounds ...since surgery 80 pounds. I feel amazing, yes I am still over weight but i'm happy. Ive been eating okay, and no soda. Working out at least 3 to 4 days a week. I am 20 pounds from finally being in the 200! I'm excited and i cant wait. Alright every one ill try to update more have a blessed day.
  4. Update

    Hey everyone I just want to say thank you to everyone on here that replies and helps in any way they can. I really appreciate all of your advice.

    I am still loosing hair but hey I'm loosing the weight so I'm happy either way.

    I have lost a total of 66 pounds and 46 from surgery, its an ok weight loss but I'm working hard every day to loose more and more.

    I'm going to the gym and trying to eat as healthy as I can, but being in a Hispanic family lol ...
  5. Hair loss

    Hey everyone, well today was the day I broke down and cried. My hair is falling off like crazy, I didn't think it would happen this quick. I had my surgery September 7th. And my hairs falling off, I am doing a multivitamin patch because I'm still struggling with my vitamin pills. When did you all start loosing hair from your surgery date? How did you cope with it? Alright everyone have a good day.
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