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  1. Coffee does a body good.

    30 days out and I am finally having my first cup of coffee.
    Oh such a normal thing to do in the morning when I awake.
    Tried it two weeks ago, something wasn't right.
    Now it's Heavenly.
    So comforting
  2. Want 64 oz. fluids per day does that include:

    The 16 oz of water I use to make one protein shake of Nectar (Fuzzy Navel)?

    If I had 3 of these shakes a day that would be 32oz of fluids .. do I add that fluid toward my 64 oz I need ?

    Also: I drink a protein shake Premier that I consider a meal.
    Do I wait 30 mins before drinking any water?

    Or is waiting 30 mins only for food meals?
    Thanks anyone?
  3. Heartburn

    I am 9 days post op.
    Starting to get heartburn.
    Last night a Premier Protein Shake, waited 30 mins, went to bed
    woke 7 hrs later and I could still feel like I just drank it could almost taste it
    If I do burp it feels instantly okay

    Very strange if I keep my shoulders back real stand up real tall, it seems to lessen.

    Any Advice?
  4. No pain after my surgery.. Bizarre

    Had my sleeve done my DR. Kuri in Tijuana 6 days ago on Aug 17 spent 4 days in hospital and 2 in hotel.
    After reading all the posts on this site and U tubes I expected the worse.

    I did have to get stuck twice because they couldn't get the vein.. my worse experience

    After I woke up in the recovery room, I had no pain. I was rolled to my room and that day I did not get up from the bed..was not asked to walk and I slept most of the day. I was amazed .. Kept waiting ...
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  5. What exercises do you do ?

    Hello Everyone,

    I am going to get my sleeve done soon... excited for my new journey and lifestyle.
    One of the 4 pillars I learned here was exercise.
    What do you all do? What type?
    I'm 58 and already have had wrist surg and I hear I need to make sure I do not do too much/the wrong kind because I am older. Any ideas out there?
    My minds is 45 though.
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