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  1. Bypass after sleeve

    Has anyone had the bypass after a sleeve? I'm curious what the long-term results have been.
  2. People are noticing

    I get tickled when people tell me how thin I look.
    I want to laugh! 250 pounds is not thin. What are they going to say when I am down to my goal. A few have been worried I might be sick, but mostly nice comments at this time.
    I have not shared I had surgery with everyone. I don't feel the need to share thst. I almost wish I hadn't told anyone. I am losing weight because I am eating very little and exercising. It's true. Surgery does not change that.
  3. When do you start to eat more that 1 or 2 bites of food.

    I'm 7, almost 8 weeks post surgery and expected to be able to eat more by this time. I'm not in love with prote in shakes and would like to start eating food.
    I can take a bite or 2, but then I feel it.
    Is this normal? Should I go see my doctor again?
    The discomfort subsides when the food digest, but it sucks until then.
    I am trying to not eat and drink together.
    The plus side of this is that I'm losing weight and that was the goal. I just want to know if this ...
  4. I'm stuck

    My weight is stuck, but I feel like I'm still losing weight. I guess I need to stop watching the scale.
    I still can't eat much in the way of real food. For now I am living off the nutrients I get from items I drink and popsicles. I did not know how good they can be.
    I think I want too much too fast. I want the weight to vanish and I want to be able to eat. I was hoping I could eat part of Christmas dinner, but it looks like I'll be observing from a far.

    At what point ...
  5. 1 month post-op and I still can barely eat anything

    What can I eat? It seems like I throw up everything I try to eat. What have you found that was easy on the stomache?
    On the positive side I was down 26 pounds before surgery and now I'm down another 26. Who-hoo!
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