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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    You need to eat bites the size of a peanut, and wait several minutes in between each bite. and at that stage sometimes only 1/4 cup could fill me up. Don't drink 30 mns before and after food. If that's what you're doing the vomiting is abnormal and you should contact your surgeon.
    Good luck and take care.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    How much are you eating before you throw up? I'm 5 weeks out and can only eat 2 bites and if I eat more than that I get sick as well. Had a follow up yesterday with my surgeon who said real food will fill you up with a lot less than the liquids/protein shakes. Making the transition isn't easy. If you throw up after one bite I would suggest talking to your surgeon.
  3. lil_lisa's Avatar
    have you talked with your doctor, perhaps you have a stricture, it can cause vomiting?
  4. elle77's Avatar
    Hi there!!

    I had my surgery on November 2nd of this year. I had major issues in the beginning. I ended up back in the hospital with dehydration. What I learned from my experience and the lovely people on here is, Tea. Tea works wonders. Arnica tea worked for me, it also helped with my swelling. You can mix a little bit of regular juice with water. It was in my book and it helped as well. Find a flavor packet that you like. I can get down sugar free peach tea. It's better to just keep sipping the water in small sips than nothing at all. I went from a size 24 to 18. Maybe I was always swollen?? Everyone is different. I'm still having right side pain issues where my biggest incision was. Everything is healing nicely though. Oh yes stay away from the scale.Ive been driving myself nuts. It was going down and then all of a sudden it stopped, then went up, then back down. I've been having BM's every three days and I can't wait till I'm back to normal. Sugar free jello & popsicles helped and I made chocolate protein pops out of my chocolate premier protein shakes. That helped a lot too when drinking it was too hard to get down. I had horrible burning heartburn in the beginning and now it's gone. I go for small walks to keep moving and today I will see my surgeon and hopefully get cleared for longer walks. Wishing you the very best!!!
  5. jennifermeske's Avatar
    IM two years out and can eat more now and drink wine than ever before. I've put 10 pounds back on from my lowest weight but I really can't overeat but I can eat all the bad stuff and not exercise, which catches up with you. It's a balancing act now, long gone is the first year bliss where no matter what you do you lose weight. Give it a few years and you'll see the challenging difference. Enjoy now though, it is a serious high to lose so much weight. I LOVE my new tummy, it's just my habits that can turn south.
  6. Sandra3's Avatar
    Dehydration is a main issue for sleevers. Most of us will have an episode at some point. Drinking/sipping all day is important.
    Regarding your restriction, it wont be the same and each month you can tolerate a little more volume. For me the key was to stick to a portion (no more than 1/2 cup until at least month 6).
    Now I can eat almost one cup and I will be at month 10 ten next week. I never overeat.
    Your food choice will also make a huge difference indeed, I always go for quality. I can't eat too much carbs..but still have a little each week because my doc did warn me that eating only protein was bad for my kidneys..
    I started at size 24/26 and it took me almost six months to get to a size 20. I'm a slow loser, and I'm ok with it. The most important is lose each month and reach a goal at the end. It's important to give yourself time, your body will need to adjust to your new stomach. There is lots of stalls( around 3 weeks I had a major one, and many others after) so I use the scale once or twice a week, no more...good luck in your journey! take care!
  7. Sandra3's Avatar
    Best of luck for your surgery, with an easy recovery!
  8. Abby2's Avatar
    Best of luck!!! I fly to Mexico tomorrow for surgery on Friday.. please post how your doing
  9. jamma's Avatar
    Please don't expect to feel great or energetic the first week or two. It's normal, your strength will pick up. Protein is your friend.
  10. Stacy70's Avatar
    Best of luck, let us know how you're doing.
  11. sraebaer's Avatar
    So happy for you! And I love your name! Your positive attitude will take you far.

    For the first week be sure to just rest. Nap, lie around, and walk a little. I had a recliner in front of the TV with a table next to it for my protein drink. Be sure to take it easy and heal.

    Best of luck to you!
  12. danimarie's Avatar
    Good luck!
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