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  1. Post surgery

    I had my surgery on the 9th. It went much better than expected. I am currently concerned that I might become dehydrated because I don't think I'm getting enough.liquids in. I realize it's early in recovery, but I can tell this is going to work. I don't see how people gain their weight back or don't lose it with a sleeve. That seems impossible.
    I haven't set a weight goal, but I have set a size goal.
    I am currently a size 22. By Christmas I want to be a size 18-20. I think I can ...
  2. Today is the day!

    Soon, I'll be going in to my surgery. I'm an so excited. Normally something like this would freak me out, but not this time.
    I have wanted to do this for so long.

    Wish me luck!
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