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  1. Im back

    Hey everyone, its been a long 4 months but I am back. I had surgery had a lot of complications, had to have 6 more procedures done and with the passing of my mom in Februrary it hasn't been an easy road. Im down 84 pounds and still losing. I don't want to lose any more weight. Im happy where I am. I just didn't want any of my friends on here to worry about me because im back with a vengeance. Love ya, Kari
  2. Mistake!!!

    I have had my gastric sleeve on 11/8/2016 and i am freakin miserable. I have lost 48lbs in 36 days. I cant eat, I can barely drink, im so tired and i dont have energy for anything. Im afraid if it keeps going this way I could die. This surgery is nothing like I thought it would be. I dont think I would ever tell anyone to do it. Please do your research on the surgery before you commit to it. There is no reversal and once its done you cant change your mind. My doctor said this will pass, but as ...
  3. 2 Weeks post-op!!!

    I had my sleeve surgery on 11/8/2016, i think all of my problems started in the hospital while i was recovering. I was having some belly pain id rate it a 4-5. (Note: my allergies are MORPHINE.) I asked the nurse for something for pain and guess what I got? MORPHINE. So the nausea and vomiting started. I even had Morphine listed on my allergy bracelet WTF. So I asked the nurse what i was given for pain and she said Morphine. I told her i was allergic she said no nausea and vomiting arent an allergy ...
  4. Weight loss

    My starting weight was #223
    surgery day 11/8/16 #202
    Today 11/22/16 #188

    Not to bad of a weight loss if i say so myself. A lot of it was because i could not eat. But weight loss is weight loss
  5. Surgery

    Hey everyone i had my surgery on the 8th and have had problem since. I have had to have an additional procedure done on Friday the 18th. I have not been able to keep food or drink down. I went in on the 18 and had my throat re stretched and had a repeat EGD done he said i was super tight and things should start getting better. I cant keep any protein drinks down I can keep some jello but it is very painful. I have been off of work for 2 weeks and today is my first day back.
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