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  1. 13 Month Post-Op & 75lbs gone!

    I am chugging along, and absolutely no regrets for choosing this path.

    I am still learning and adjusting to being a "sleeved person" in a non-sleeved world. Eating is less complicated now, not that it really was, I am able to eat just about anything. I still eat in small portions just like my nutritionist taught me... serve yourself a 1/4 cup and you still feel hungry get another 1/4 cup.

    My lifelong adjustment now is that I can easily eat 3 oz of lean meat ...
  2. 9-Month Sleeversary

    Well, just a quick update on my progress toward my health and weight goals. But first, I want to share some amazing news too, I received a grad school acceptance letter from USC!!! I am not counting my chickens just yet as I am waiting to hear from the financial aid office as to what type of scholarships I may receive, and I am still waiting to hear from another grad program so crossing fingers and toes still. My partner and I have come up with a contingency living plan, whatever happens we will ...
  3. 7-Month Post-Op update

    Hola from Guate!

    I'm heading home tomorrow after spending two and half glorious weeks in my natal land. It was five years since I was here last, but it feels so much like home. Last time I was here I gained like 10lbs, this time I actually lost a few.

    I had a few "O.ops" eating moments when I had forgotten completely about my surgery and those alarms in my gut just started going off when something just didn't feel right. I ate lots of hearty "caldos" ...
  4. One-Month-Sleevesary!

    It has been a whole month since my gastric sleeve! I have not had one moment of regret! My energy has improved, but I am worn out whenever I got to the gym. I actually have been getting 7-8 hours of sleep on average this past week so that is a huge improvement!!!

    I am basically still on liquid proteins, and have been introducing new foods some agree, and other have not agreed with me altogether. I may have something today, then if I try the next day again or later in the week, it ...