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  1. The Pendulum

    I like pendulum metaphors, particularly because when they are working they are moving. Swaying back and forth trying to find some balance? No, that is not it's job. It is a force that moves back in forth within our true essence.

    There was some craze some years ago and probably there are thousands who think that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. A book which has that title sold millions, and probably made millions more. I always had a hard time with it, because as I didn't ...
  2. Death, grief, forgiveness, and searching for balance

    In 2012, there was a huge shift in my life. The job that I loved and enjoyed for almost seven years suddenly was uprooted from me because my boss was on a down spiral because of his bipolarism, I had been as supportive as much I could have been taking all things into consideration, knowing that that some of his job related decisions where a cause of his condition, but then his personal life started affecting me. His girlfriend showed up my door asking for help. He was a brilliant man I had admired, ...