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  1. Head Hunger???

    Well, I am 5 days out from gastric sleeve surgery, and while the first couple of days seemed like they would never end, I survived. I sipped on water every 30 minutes, took sips of Premier Protein with meds, and I was able to sip on the rest of container by the end of the first day.

    I mix 2 scoops of extra protein on the Premier shake and divide it into three servings and sip on those at set meal times. I also sip on miso and bone marrow broth in the evening; my mug holds just a ...
  2. Thinking about eating disorders, my first step to recovery

    I have learned so much from folks in this forum and have received a tremendous show of support. I have also been forced to think about such things as head hunger, emotional eating, and food addiction in ways which I was unable to do so before.

    Years back I joined Overeaters Anonymous and Food Addicts Anonymous groups because I knew I had a problem, I left them because they were not working for me. Many times my sponsors became overbearing and judgemental, maybe that was not their ...