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  1. 16-Month Post-Op Check-In


    Today of all days I was rudely reminded that I have a built-in alarm. I think I did not wash my coffee container properly and left soap in it. There was a bitter perfume taste and because I needed my fix of coffee and did not want to waste it or had time to make another at 6 am, I drank it. About five minutes later I was in agony, my stomach felt like it did a few weeks post op, like it curled and twisted in pain.

    Well, that stopped me dead in my tracks and ...
  2. 3-Month Sleevesary

    Hola! from Santa Fe, New Mexico

    We left L.A. on Saturday and are Texas bound. We decided to make a road trip out of my move, and it has been a ton of fun thus far.

    As today marks my 3-months post op, I wanted just to update everyone and let you know where I am. These past few days on the road has taught me some real good lessons, one of them is that I order food with my eyes. It has been a little inside joke between my partner and me.

    Eating out ...