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  1. Idling/Boredom

    Okay gang, just keeping it real.

    As I am waiting to hear from new job prospects, idling and boredom are getting the best of me!

    I had a cup of coffee and found an old bag of mini biscotti in the pantry; I told myself I could have three and next thing I know I was reaching for the last one. There were only six, but still! Self-control was out to lunch.

    I am not beating myself about the biscotti, but then about an hour or two later I ate two beef sticks ...
  2. Food Compulsion and Addiction

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post

    It has been said that food compulsion is the worst kind of addiction.

    I recommend reading a "A Course in Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson. We must first overcome the blockages, or as she puts it tear down brick by brick, that keep us from realizing our health goals. For some people it is easier, they can determine to stop doing something and they can. For them, something clicked in their brain. They overcame a hurdle, a pain, a situation, or as simple
  3. Head Hunger???

    Well, I am 5 days out from gastric sleeve surgery, and while the first couple of days seemed like they would never end, I survived. I sipped on water every 30 minutes, took sips of Premier Protein with meds, and I was able to sip on the rest of container by the end of the first day.

    I mix 2 scoops of extra protein on the Premier shake and divide it into three servings and sip on those at set meal times. I also sip on miso and bone marrow broth in the evening; my mug holds just a ...
  4. preop jeers and cheers

    I don't know if this is normal, but after I had my initial visits with the bariatric surgeon and internal medicine doctor who is monitoring my 90-day medical weight loss requirement. I went into a sort of food mourning, I had managed to loose a few pounds initially, but then I was treating myself to whatever my heart desired and I regained the few pounds. I started checking myself, and asking why? part of me felt that once I have the surgery, I would never be able to enjoy the foods I love. If I ...