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  1. Year two - has it really been this long since I updated?

    So here I am in year two and haven't been in this site for months and months. That's how it is, in my opinion, when all is going well. The further you get from surgery, the less of a "patient" you are and the healing turns to a heavily restricted new normal which turns to a newer normal with each passing month. You learn to just be that leaner, healthier person you dreamt about 100 lbs ago. You have a functioning support group in real life. You hone in on those areas of the internet ...
  2. 6 mo follow up and Body Composition Results

    So my 6 mo doc apt was Wednesday and my follow body composition was today.

    Blood work

    Blood work as all good.

    B12 was high so cutting down to three times a week,
    D was still low (but high for me and normal for New Englanders in winter) so she wants me to take two pills a day. Blood work showed blood loss (due to period issue) but only iron saturation was low. NP praised my diet and supplementing to be managing this so well (yay). Cholesterol was ...
  3. 6 months done - what's the haps?

    So, life as a post-bari in my crazy work life continues to be a challenge to my type A givings. What has "gone by the wayside" are my diligent notes and tracking of food nutrients this month. Daily I am tallying in head, but, either don't have the time to put in phone app, phone is dead, data is out or I forget.

    How I miss my data this month.

    The real issue is always UNDER EAT at this point. There have been days that I think I am ok, then do plug it in and ...
  4. We interupt this normal wait for a blog post about the dangers of dreaming about Wonderland.....inhale, exhale


    It was one of the first bari-centric words I learned...getting under 200.

    That seemed impossible and unattainable pre-op. But, for many of us, it IS attainable and sustainable. It's just foreign.

    I got under 210 last month and so immediately the brain goes WONDERLAND IS COMING....aaaaaaand.....it hasn't cometh yet so I wanted to talk it out loud for myself (and others on their journey).

    In the past, I would get angry with my ...
  5. Menopause question

    Long story short, due to reproductive problems and staving off a hysterectomy, I got the Lupron depot shot. This will basically throw me into false menopause for the duration I am on it.

    For those who went through natural menopause or hysterectomy prior to surg, did you have to do anything differently in your eating plan? or same ole same ole as the rest?

    Thanks. I know women tend to gain weight post menopause unless they up exercise, eat less, or build muscle.
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