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  1. Fatbgone's Avatar
    I am having the same problem and I'm trying to avoid the scale. It's a hard thing for me to do.
    I want to weigh myself every morning after my shower. It's kind of become habit.
    One thing I do know is that I am losing inches. I can tell by my clothes.
    In my head I tell myself, don't worry, but I am naturally going to worry about it.
    It does seem that as soon as I post about it, the scale will move.
    I hope the same happens for you.
  2. saramichelle's Avatar
    I totally agree with Christie. I think scale obsessing can be really bad for people, I didn't lose a pound one week and measured two inches smaller at my waist. Remember, muscle is heavier than fat and keep going!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    How is your protein intake? Are you exercising? Are you getting enough water? Stop stressing about it and avoid the scale. Take measurements. Maybe you're losing inches. Track everything you're eating so you can see what's going on. This will pass. Stalls are common. Just don't let the stress derail you!!
  4. shymamichula's Avatar
    I try to not buy clothes until I'm literally swimming in them. I do have to buy new scrubs for work and I'll probably keep these until I swim in them again lol. I'm loving this
  5. KariVSG's Avatar
    Yeah im so happy for you
  6. Connie4's Avatar
  7. Sandra3's Avatar
    Buy new clothes! it's the best thing!! Enjoy!!
  8. sraebaer's Avatar
    Just don't buy too much! I would "undergrow" clothes before I even took off the tags!

    Now that I've been the same size for 2 years, shopping is way too much fun. I'm getting a little carried away.
  9. lorylynch's Avatar
    Thats awesome ... keep it up!
  10. Theresa2's Avatar
    I love buying new clothes! It's the greatest feeling to be buying smaller sizes.
  11. zoey101's Avatar
    Sounds good but be careful with those potato's, cheese and breaded things like the chicken parm until you hit goal. Try to stay away from starchy foods and bread as in the bread crumbs for the chick parm. Fish is excellent baked or broiled but no butter at this stage. Not that you asked for my opinion but I just want you to be careful with things like that as it can definitely hinder your weight loss. Anyway if your looking for protein to add to your cooking try "unjury" flavorless protein powder. It's packed with protein and you don't taste it at all, congrats on your 4 weeks and good luck with your journey.
  12. luckygirl's Avatar
    HI,your post was encouraging my bucket list includes really learning how to cook.Since I decided on WLS I figured ahh why bother.It's nice to know that's something I can pursue I'll just be doing a lot less tasting.We'll all eat healthier. Thanks
  13. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
    Mmm ur pollock dish sounds like a Portuguese fish dish, gum sa, made with salted cod.

  14. Pam G's Avatar
    Is Pollock a mild tasting fish? I don't usually like fish, but am willing to give it a try when the time comes.
  15. Allaboutme70's Avatar
    THANK YOU!!!!
  16. Pam G's Avatar
    how do you make this magic cure? what is ginger star anis?
  17. Love4mykids's Avatar
    i'm Dominican and my grandma also gave this to my kids
  18. Love4mykids's Avatar
    wow yess im definetely going to try that ! thank you !!