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  1. Frustrating Stall

    I've been at a stall for about a month now and I'm very frustrated. I go down a few pounds and gain them right back Grrr!! Need some advise to get it moving again.
  2. 55 Pounds down and 75 to go

    I would have never imagined in a million how easily this weight is just falling off of me!! OMG I already had to buy new clothes and all my friends and coworkers are noticing how good I'm looking. There are days that are tough but when you see how much is coming off you kind of pat yourself on your back. The proof is in the scale and the inches that are forming your new body.
  3. 4 weeks post op

    Its that time where I can eat anything I want now. So happy!! I've already made chicken parm with spaghetti squash and garlic shrimp in avocado. I also make salted Pollock with potatoes and eggs and onions with olive oil and vinegar. So good the only thing is you cant eat too much your small stomach wont let you. It's doing exactly what is supposed to do. So you have to find out what recipes are protein packed and go from there. I can't do the whey protein it sits on top of whatever I try to mix ...
  4. Better than Gas X

    I am a puerto rican and I remember something my grandmother used to make for my babies when they had gas. It's ginger star anis and honey. The best relief after a VSG. I can only get down a quarter of a cup but it keeps me from waking up in pain because of gas in the middle of the night. Naturally check with your doctor first. I hope this helps someone.