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  1. jamma's Avatar
    What a wonderful feeling! Before the sleeve, I could NEVER have gone on vacation and come back the same (or similar) weight. I also couldn't get through the summer, a weekend, a visit from a friend, a birthday party, a night out to dinner, an up, a down...you get it, I ATE and gained over everything!
  2. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I understand about the food obsession. It ruled my life for too many years and now it's freeing to be able to think about food as just another aspect of living, not life itself.
    Good luck and you're doing amazingly wonderful!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Back to back trips and only gained 5 lbs? I would call that a win...especially since you have lost 2 already. The important thing is that you survived, had fun, and didn't go off the rails. YAY!!
  4. RehabNurse's Avatar
    I'm glad you enjoyed your trips, Pam.

    As for the constant obsession with food...I personally think some of us are simply wired to be that way.

    After a lifetime of observing and being around naturally thin people, I notice they don't think about food until they're actually hungry. Their appetite regulation naturally works. Some of them even forget to eat, whereas I've never forgotten to eat in my 35+ years of existence. I've always ruminated over food even when not hungry.
  5. elle77's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing this!!
  6. Shirl's Avatar
    As promised here is the other IF trial I found helpful to understand the What, Why, and How:

    The effects of intermittent calorie restriction on metabolic health: Rationale and study design of the HELENA Trial

  7. Christie13's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I usually try to stop eating by 8.
  8. Shirl's Avatar
    Here is a great research paper to understand benefits of IF in men, but we women benefit as much too! Will post other great links.

    Effects of eight weeks of time-restricted feeding (16/8) on basal metabolism, maximal strength, body composition, inflammation, and cardiovascular risk factors in resistance-trained males

  9. DesertGal's Avatar
    I like D. I can do that.
  10. Shirl's Avatar
    Oh great find!!!

    (D) is the one I will follow mostly.
  11. azladyrider's Avatar
    I have some clients that workout intensely and I mean 2.5 hours every single day with no exceptions. They were in town back in April and we had our meeting at their rental home - I noticed they had a huge bowl of mixed nuts on the counter so I asked them and they said oh yeah - they eat them in moderation of course. I eat alot of pork and chicken which are both very high in protein.
    One snack mix I found that I keep on hand now is this - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...0?ie=UTF8&th=1
  12. Christie13's Avatar
    I don't over indulge on them but I do eat them. I mainly don't eat too many because of the high calorie and fat content. But yes, I see the seasonal aspect of it.
  13. Shirl's Avatar
    Thanks, Pam!!!

    Christie, I was reading in passing about a warning of the toxic levels in nuts and seeds if consumed continuously in the Paleo lifestyle. I eat nuts and seeds almost daily :-( I guess if you really think about it, it makes sense Paleo should focus on foods available and in season back in the day. Nuts and seeds were only available for short periods of time a year.

    Did all y'all catch the coconut oil warming on the USToday page??? Seriously! I'm glad as Sleevers we are adopting a moderate and balanced approach, I hope!

  14. Christie13's Avatar
    I am just curious as to why no nuts? I know this was for Shirl but I am nosy. LOL.
  15. GigiUSA's Avatar
    That helps.... I have not been able to edit my blogs either Thank you!!
  16. Pam G's Avatar
    thank you, Shirly-Poo!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl
    Most definitely! I do it all the time to correct errors I catch after posting.

    After you post a blog, you will see a pencil icon ✏️ At the end of your blog title, you can click on that and you should be able to edit your blog post.
  17. Christie13's Avatar
    Yes. I have had to do that for my lovely typos.
  18. Shirl's Avatar
    Most definitely! I do it all the time to correct errors I catch after posting.

    After you post a blog, you will see a pencil icon ✏️ At the end of your blog title, you can click on that and you should be able to edit your blog post.
  19. Trastan's Avatar
    I haven't tried it but I think they can. I noticed one day I commented on someone's blog then when I went back later and read it they must have changed it because my comment no longer made sense to what they had originally blogged.
  20. Pam G's Avatar
    Thanks, everybody. I just put this here, because the signature on the regular posts limits the number of characters. Here, I can keep on keepin' track of my weight.
  21. jamma's Avatar
    Almost there!
  22. DesertGal's Avatar
    Congratulations! Good job. No, make that GREAT job!
  23. GigiUSA's Avatar
    WOW Pam!!!! You are doing an amazing job!!!!!!
  24. Christie13's Avatar
    It is amazing to smash your goals!
  25. RehabNurse's Avatar
    Yeah! Congratulations for a wonderful job, Pam!
  26. Shirl's Avatar
    Keep it up PamG!

  27. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
    yay! checking in on old peeps. glad to see it is going well!
  28. Patricia7's Avatar
    Pam. .so happy for you. I have hit my 6 week Monday and feeling great. I have started to drop weight quickly and started to give away the large clothes as well. Please keep the journey going - you deserve only the best in life.

    stay away from the cookies
  29. Pam G's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ann2
    Wow -- 32 x 32 men's jeans are skinny jeans. Congratulations, Pam.
    Lol! And they're still baggy in the butt and legs, but tight in the belly!
  30. Ann2's Avatar
    Wow -- 32 x 32 men's jeans are skinny jeans. Congratulations, Pam.
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