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Pam G

  1. Survived vacay!

    I never thought I would utter these words....not in a million years, but....


    Got home from back to back family trips yesterday, and I thought for sure I'd gained at least 5 lbs. Turns out it was just shy of 5, so I took a diuretuc, a nap, and woke up 2 lbs lighter! Heehee!

    But the weirdest thing is that It feels wonderful to not have to constantly think about and eat food now that I'm home. I've always ...
  2. Intermittant Fasting chart

  3. to Shirl

    for some reason, the site won't let me answer your question to me, so here's my answer:

    I learned about Keto by just googling and being on one of the keto fb pages. there's guy that is a keto guru, Ben McDonald, that does very informative podcasts, here's the first one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX4r6fHy1bc

    there's a couple of women on here that do the LCHF lifestyle, too.

    It means no fruits/nuts or carbs of any kind....even the good ones (at least for ...
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  4. can blogs be edited once they're posted?

    can blogs be edited once they're posted?
  5. Just putting this here to save it


    HW: 275
    PreOp: 268 5/12/16

    SW: 258. 5/27/2016
    10 w: 225. 8/6 (1st Goal)
    12 w: 222. 8/19
    14 w: 216. 9/2
    16 w: 215 9/16
    20 w: 205 10/14
    22 w: 199.4 10/30 (2nd goal)
    24 w: 196 11/11
    6 mo: 191 11/27
    28 w: 193 12/9
    32 w: 184 1/6/17
    36 w: 180 2/3/17 (Original "Final" Goal)
    40 w: 179 3/3
    44 w: 171 3/31 ...
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