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Pam G

  1. It's done!

    It's done! I am sleeved. And I got pictures! It doesn't look nearly as small as i thought it would, though, hmph.

    So far can't keep anything down, even with a scopalomone patch. Tomorrow is another day.

    I have a lidocaine pump for pain cause a don't like opioids, and it's working wonderfully.

    Talk attcha later, gators!
  2. Tomorrow's the Big Day!

    Well, it's finally here.

    Tomorrow, (Friday), I meet Ty, my new tiny tummy at 0730!

    Of course, today we are having a BBQ lunch at work!!! ugh.

    I've pretty much followed my liquid pre-op diet, except for a few times and when I weighed this morning I was down 13 lbs.

    I haven't told anybody except for you guys and my oldest daughter, who will be with me at the hospital.

    Got my bag packed and I. AM. READY.!!! Keep me in your ...
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