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  1. Jmichelle's Avatar
    Hi all! i was active a while back but life had other plans. Ive been the primary caretaker for my 91 year old father so ive been busy dealing with that. I decided to drop back in and see what's happening. I'm about to reach that 5 year milestone! Yea! My surgery was in March of 2015. get some information and give some encouragement. I did get turned off because the tone got real negative for a while. I dislike alot of negativity. I hope its gotten better.
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    I'm guessing the beginning of the school years is busy for most of us, also with bad light/Fall many have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I know I'm more tired..
  3. elllie's Avatar
    i agree, not much new lately, but I am so glad that all of you who have answered this are still here, as you are all an inspiration to me. Maybe I too spend too much time on my computer. I am off to Ethiopia on Sunday and will report back once I have returned home.
  4. hershey's Avatar
    there is quite a bit of activity on reddit fyi. I think the new hip folks are over there lol
  5. kenson's Avatar
    jerzey! So good to "see" you. I know that this board is part of my maintenance journey. I need to poke my head in just to make sure that I stay accountable. People are not here or, are not posting as steadily as they used to. Good thing is, there are still newbies coming in, so that's a good thing.
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    It has been SUPER boring lately. For weeks the "Latest Activity" stays the same. Don't know why. Probably shows I should get off my butt and quit playing on the computer all the time.
  7. KiwiGal's Avatar
    It has been very quiet lately. Perhaps bariatric surgery isn't such a "big deal" these days and people feel that they are able to talk about more freely to friends and family.
    I come here because you all understand what it is like to be fat and to want to do something about it. It's an ongoing journey and there can be bumps along the way so it's nice to know that there are friends on here that I can talk to.
  8. kenson's Avatar
    Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! The cleanse sounds like a good idea. I'm struggling!
  9. Stacey03's Avatar
    Yay :-)
  10. sraebaer's Avatar
    Seven years, you win the prize! Happy to hear things are going well. I found the secret for Thanksgiving this year, do all the cooking. By dinner time you are so exhausted nothing tastes good. Great holiday if someone else does all the work. I guess I sound like the Grinch!!
  11. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Really nice to hear success stories from those that are many years ahead of most of the rest of us.
  12. Ann2's Avatar
    Happy birthday, Jerzey. You are one of my true heroes along this path.

    My Thanksgiving plan is similar: "Eat small portions of everything and don't take any food home!"

    Please let us know how your two-week "cleanse" (ha!) regimen goes. I'd like to hear about it.

  13. Dm1intexas's Avatar
    Awesome to hear good news from someone that far out. I love that you are now working to inspire others. I have DM1 and realized I needed the weight off. Went on an insulin pump last year and had a hysterectomy...so I guess I am cleaning house, literally. My husband had the sleeve in December of last year and has lost over 100 lbs. Surgery date should be in Nov or Dec. I too am in the medical field....sometimes knowing too much is not a plus. Anyhow....thank you so much for your post!
  14. MTMiller's Avatar
    What a great post!! Thank you!!
  15. Ann2's Avatar
    Jersey girl, you're my rock here.

    Everyone, she is 100% correct. We are and can be as successful as she is. We just have to do what she said.

    Congratulations, jerzeygirl. <3
  16. Christie13's Avatar
    YESSSS!!! You rock. Happy surgiversary Jerzeygirl! Thank you for all your wonderful insight and sharing your journey. Big hugs!
  17. GigiUSA's Avatar
    LOVE YOUR POST! How inspiring There certainly are NO LIMITS to what we can all accomplish with our new lease on life!!!! You look fantastic ~ I love the runway picture.
  18. TarotAces's Avatar
    You are such an awesome inspiration!

    Thank you for continuing to be here on the boards after all the years. Most people stop posting, so it's especially nice to see someone who has lost as much as you have and kept it off STILL active here on the site.

  19. bangieb's Avatar
  20. Aydensmomma's Avatar
  21. Indianasleeve's Avatar
    Congrats. I have learned so so much from you. You will be wonderful at the new job
  22. cathbas's Avatar
    what a wonderful gift you are to all the people struggling!! how great!! so happy for you!!
  23. sulanden's Avatar
    happy dance time !!!! Many successes along the way.
  24. Merry Mary's Avatar
    Your experience as a successful sleever should give you more credibility since you've "been there done that". Congratulations
  25. beachgirl22851's Avatar
    Congratulations! I have thought about asking my Dr's office about something similar, so I am encouraged that someone not only had the same thought, but made it happen!
  26. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Thanks for all the well wishes
  27. LaffeyTaffey's Avatar
    Woo hoo that's so exciting!!! I dream of becoming a bariatric nurse
  28. Ann2's Avatar
    Oh, gosh! I am so happy for you and for your greater bariatric community. This is going to be wonderful for everyone. Thank you, jerzeygirl.
  29. kenson's Avatar
    jerzey!!! I am so happy for you! This is something that I have been thinking about doing as well. Congratulations! You are such an inspiration and will be a great source of knowledge for anyone seeking surgery.
  30. zoey101's Avatar
    That is absolutely wonderful! I am so happy for you and they are lucky to have someone like you!
    Best of luck with your new job!
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