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  1. Gastric Sleeve Surgery Stateside Self-pay and 4 days later

    Well I did it! I had my gastric sleeve surgery last Thursday and had it done by a surgeon here in the states and I was self-pay.

    I've read so few on here from people who did it state-side and were self-pay that I wanted to share my experience.

    My surgeon is Doctor M. Wayne Westmoreland of Murfreesboro, TN and my total out-of-pocket was $12,350. That was 12K for the surgery, $250 for the psyche exam, $75 for the nutritionist and $25 for the Cardiologist to read my EKG. ...
  2. The Pain! The Pain!

    I did it! I had my Gastric Sleeve surgery this past Thursday. I can't believe the time has already come and gone. It seems like just yesterday when I decided to change surgeons and my surgery date was put off for another month.

    The first thing I want to address is "the pain!" I do not recall reading anything about how bad the pain can be and let me tell you I had some excruciating pain.

    I've also learned a lesson from this that I wish I had known going into ...
  3. Must lose 20 pounds before Surgery

    My surgery is scheduled for March 10th and my surgeon wants me to lose 20 pounds because of how my BMI is. I don't recall how much he said mine was but I did an online test not long ago and I am thinking it was about 59. I just redid it and it came out to 59.4. He explained how important this is due to my liver.

    Is it normal for surgeries to be cancelled based on BMI? I'm doing really well on my first diet in forever and start the liquid only 2 weeks before surgery. However, I'm not ...