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  1. 3 years

    Hello friends!!

    When I reached two years I was happy that my surgeon's goal/prediction was reached, I felt great besides a few hick ups...life was good...

    My 3 years anniversary was a few days ago but I was in no condition to communicate. This time it's different.

    I just came back from a one week at the hospital for tests, and since they asked me to stop the PPI for the tests, I became even more sick, my asthma was so out of control I had so see the pneumologist ...
  2. Happy about gaining!!!

    Hello friends!!

    On Wednesday, I was not that happy when the scale showed a 4 pounds gain. So grand total was 24 pounds, I could see it was spiraling, I usually never take cortisone that long and since I felt better decided to stop the treatment.

    I saw the pneumologist yesterday, had tests, and she confirmed my lungs are healing!!
    I gained back I liter!!! yeah!!! so happy for once about gaining!!!

    But after the tests, she said she wanted to increase ...
  3. It's not 5 pounds, or 10...it's 20!!!!!

    Oh my!!!!
    I'm so mad, but at the same time was expecting it.....
    So my pants suits don't fit anymore....I knew bad news were coming my way..
    I wanted to wait until my treatment was over but could take months...so I decided to face the scale today : 20 pounds!!! gained since like October!!

    Last New year's eve I was sick, when to the ER, got strong cortisone, gained like 10 pounds, my suits was tight but I could wear it...lost it in about 4 or 5 months, but I could ...
  4. Making new soup in an old pot

    I'm always about balance in diet, did study nutrition for more than two years, and currently study naturopathy, because I think it's always better to try to prevent or treat the whole person, instead of treating just symptoms.

    Nutrition is really a way of prevention, and sometimes can also be a "cure".

    A French doctor wrote an interesting book, I was reading it about 15 years ago, indeed he didn't have access to today's research about colon absorption etc ...
  5. First world problem...

    Hello friends!! or should I say Ho Ho Ho!!!

    Since I develop one health issue after an other, since July, can't drive since October, I did all my Xmas shopping online.

    Hoping it would get delivered since "the gilets jaunes" are getting tired of blocking all roads and should be finally resting at home drinking "vin chaud" (hot mulled wine). ....right???

    But no.
    Still waiting for boxes "lost" because the roads are blocked. ...
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