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  1. Exams...and more exams...still no answer..

    Hello dear friends,

    One week ago, I saw my gyn surgeon, who said that we will wait for the procedure since my lungs (or stomach) are not ok right now. So we booked a date in February to have time to stabilize the other issues.

    The same day I also saw a bariatric surgeon. I was not impressed to say the least.
    While I was telling her about my issues, she was only criticizing my (previous) surgeon's choice to get me a sleeve and not a bypass (and I did explain ...
  2. Update!

    Hello dear friends!

    Sorry I've been silent for the past few days, being sick is taking all my energy, that and trying to find doctors to help...time consuming..


    In October, I found a new gyn surgeon, saw her 10 days ago.
    She is really nice, and I can tell she is smart. She figured out something I noticed on my blood test (and no other doctor saw it), but since it was from September, I was not too worried.Two months later I was fine so...why ...
  3. Feeling like a broken doll...

    Hello friends!!

    So update on my status: I'm still exhausted! and still sick...

    Little recap : had reconstructive surgery in July (tumor removal and arm lift) started to have cardiac symptoms a few days later. Long story short, several doctors, I finally found a professor in hematology to work on my case on September 10, got to see a gyn the same day and do many different exams.
    I just got most of the blood tests results ( some of them being genetic testing it ...
  4. My new bike and I..

    One month ago, when the nurse said my scars were healed enough to be a little more mobile, I decided to get a stationary bike.

    I got a great bike two years ago (tricycle!!) and it did follow me in the move but I was too weak to get outside mid August, and it was way too hot anyway....plus soon it will be cold and dark at night when we come back from work...and I was hoping to just find a way to exercise more on the long run..I think that just walking during the day won't help me ...
  5. Iron infusion / pre-cancerous tumors

    My afternoon today at the hospital was really fruitful! My infusion went well, almost no side effect besides some nausea. The staff was amazing.

    The gyn decided to put me in chemical menopause since my iron level is just too complicated to manage and obviously my hemorrhages wont stop for a while so it will never get better without help.

    I'm a little scared of what will happen with the medication...but one thing at a time...I will try for three months and see the specialist ...
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