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  1. 2nd post-op

    Today was my second post-op, and I can already see a few improvements in my health after those first weeks of being sleeved.

    First my BP is at 12/8 today, has not been that good for two or three years now. So that's really good news.

    Since my first surgeon's appointment I lost 16 kgs (35 pounds), my Dr was happy about that, he said I was now on the highest range (??? really?). I'm more on the wait and see mode, because I do feel less pain in my joints but the difference ...
  2. Stomach flu

    It started Tuesday, I was really sick most of the day, camping in the bathroom, nauseous, no vomiting but I couldn't seem to find a way to stop the diarrhea (sorry!) even with rice or apple sauce. Yesterday I was still sick, starting to feel better but I was clearly dehydrated, couldn't eat or drink anything and all smells made me nauseous.

    Last night I decided to contact the nut to see if she had a suggestion.
    The surgeon asked that I came as soon as possible so this morning ...
  3. 1st Post op visit

    My surgery was January 20 and today I went back to the hospital to meet my surgeon and also my nutritionist. From surgery day I lost 4 kilos.

    My wounds are healed but since I started pureed food I have awful acid reflux so the doctor changed my PPI, hopefully I will see some improvement soon.

    I really feel that going into pureed food was way too early anyway, and since I was very sick at the hospital right after surgery, those 2 days 1/2 of vomiting might have done ...
  4. Post-op

    Hello everyone,

    I'm finally back from the hospital, I was there since Monday for more exams, surgery was on Wednesday, my surgeon kept me an extra day, I was too dehydrated to leave. Surgery was smooth but I had lots of vomiting after and it was difficult to control, it stopped after two days and a half. The staff was amazing to say the less!

    I'm back home, enjoying my comfy bed and sipping on juice and broth, it seems my new stomach doesn't like water anymore... ...
  5. Liquid diet : half way!

    Hello my new friends!

    Liquid diet is not so bad after I got used to it. The worth was on day 3, the worth migraine ever, I had to stay in the dark almost all day. Hello carb withdrawal!

    But after that, it was pretty much ok, I'm not hungry and try to drink a lot to flush all toxins. My nut said yesterday I was doing a good job (I sent her my calorie tracking) but she is telling me to increase my carbs, which is the opposite of what the bariatric nurse said, and I read ...
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