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  1. Body dysmorphia....it's getting better!

    I'm 9 months out, lost around 90 pounds since my first consult...for the last few months I couldn't figure out what was my size or if I would be able to fit in between those two tables at the restaurant. Losing so much and so quickly kind of made me lose my internal compass.

    I spent most of October in Indonesia (Bali). They have the best spas and I did a lot of massages...(it's really cheap). Mostly lymphatic drainage. The result has been amazing! It's the best way to reconnect mind ...
  2. Abdominoplasty: 2nd appointment/2nd surgeon

    Today I met a second surgeon, in a private hospital were we go for consults in English (I had my sleeve in a public hospital where everything is mainly in Chinese). They had a window for a consult today, it was earlier than I thought but great to have a second opinion quickly.
    The consult was quiet long, one hour. Long story short, because in Asia there's not many obese, the surgeon usually do abdominoplasties without lipo (???). And it's rare for him to repair the muscles. He actually ...
  3. Early 9 months post-op...and meeting a plastic surgeon.

    I had a busy Saturday. Most of my morning was spent at the hospital to meet my bariatric surgeon and the team. My post-op is three weeks early because I will be overseas on the due date, and since I will be traveling most of October, the surgeon wanted to see me before I left. Besides the crazy sugar craving I had last week, my weight loss is much slower the past two months but my doc was happy with my results and said I'm doing better than many of his younger patients, I'm in the higher percentage ...
  4. Finally shopping....at home!

    Hello my friends!

    I've been living in Asia for two years, I was never able to find my size in a store since we moved here (came back with suitcases full of smaller sizes from US and France this year to have something to wear post-op)...but on Sunday, for the first time, I bought one dress and one lounge pants at Uniqlo (a Japanese department store) it was on sale and I was thinking, it will fit really soon...it actually fits right now!! I am just so surprised! it's a XL but that's ...
  5. 6 Month Post-op

    Hello my friends!

    Time seems to fly lately!!
    I've been really busy during my two months in France, got sick, gained weight, had a long stall...also a bad fall with injured knee and ankle right when I was going to start water gym!! anyway, six weeks later it's better and doing little yoga and weight lift, waiting to be completely mobile to start to working out more, probably indoor because the weather outside is really humid, thanks to our tropical climate...

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