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  1. One year anniversary!

    Quote Originally Posted by ghost_ryder View Post
    Congrats on getting to your goal, amazing feeling I am sure.
  2. Sleeve to bypass

    Has anybody gone from sleeve to bypass ?
  3. To the January 15 ,2016 sleeves

    To all the people that were in the waiting room with me on January 15 2016 . When dr Almanza asked if anybody had a question and I asked that if I had a hiatal hernia would he repair it that I would pay the extra and he looked at me crazy and asked if I had a problem with a hiatal hernia and I told him I didn't but if he saw that I have one to repair it. So guess what , for the first 12 days I felt awesome and on the 12 day I went to dr to have my stitches taken out and since then I have severe ...
  4. Medical transcript

    This question is for all the sleeves that had gone to Dr Almanza , I have been trying to get my medical transcript in English since my surgery date January 15 2016 today is February 8,2016 and still nothing .how long did it take for you to receive yours ?
  5. Mommy soup

    Mommysoup you look marvelous , you are awesome....
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