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  1. 3 year sleeveversary

    Doing great, today is three years after Dr. Almanza Saved my life.
    Thank you Dr. Mario Almanza.
    I most likely would not have made it alive to today without this life saving surgical procedure and would not have been here to see my first grandchild born just days ago.
    If anyone is worried about how this sleeve works just know that it will without a doubt extend your path to more years of life. I know because before the sleeve I was told by the doctors that not only was I MORBIDLY ...
  2. 1 Year after surgery

    My pics are in the album and my after photo has been updated. Thank you everyone for all your support, I don't get to much time to write online however I do check in from time to time. When I do I will try to update all on what ever I can. Again thank you, only one year and I am so very happy with my decision to get sleeved. I Highly Recommend the Sleeve to everyone. Its a Life Saver!
    See you all later.
  3. 1 Year after surgery

    my pics are in the album and my after photo has been updated.
  4. Getting ready to post my one year photo.

    I am approaching my one year anniversary with a Sleeve from Dr. Almanza.
    I will post a photo in my profile.
    I must tell everyone that a year gone by and I am ecstatic over the results of my decision to Sleeve.
    I want to thank everyone that helped me along the way, all the great folks on this board and Weightlossagents.com for connecting me to Dr. Almanza and the professional staff at his hospital, also the wonderful staff members at the Hotel Real Del Rio, They went all out ...
  5. Just a little at a time...

    Surgery on 3/10/15, back home on the red eye to FL 3/15/15, back to work at 23:30 3/15/15, all is good, little to no discomfort today, I'm now tipping the scale at 325lbs..down 42lbs since pre-opp diet. I am keeping my fluid intake up with powerade zero. 32oz by noon and 32oz to bed time, Seems like I have the cup with me everyplace I go. Today I had sore muscles in my legs and feet...also felt just a bit sleepy. I feel so much better then the first couple of days after surgery.
    As promised ...
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