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  1. 3 year anniversay!!!

    3 years ago today my life changed for the better. I hated my body. I weighed 205 the morning I was sleeved. I am maintaining right at 125.
    I do have to watch what I eat, but I do keto so it's not even that hard and I feel amazing. If you are on the fence about this, don't walk away because it's scary. Scary doesn't always mean bad. Hope everyone is well, keep up the good fight 😄
  2. Little bit of regain...

    2.5 years post sleeve and Im falling into bad/old habits. We travel a lot and Ive been using it as an excuse to eat like everyone else around me. I went from eating a couple bites of my husbands meal, to a full kids meal to my own entree... justifying it by saying i won't eat the whole thing. Also sugar has become a daily thing. So here are the steps Im taking:
    I have been seeing a therapist about my binge eating disorder
    I have purchased small portion Tupperware so that i can plan ...
  3. Small vent

    For the last two weeks I was looking forward to going to this party, I mean counting down the days. But here's the thing, I had an awful time. I can't drink because if I go ONE calorie over 1200 I instantly gain and have to work twice as hard the next two weeks just to get back to normal. So basically everyone around me was drinking, having fun, eating all this awesome food and living life while my sober ass sat around waiting for my husband to get tired while watching everyone enjoy life and chow ...
  4. Goal!!!!!

    Just weighed myself and I've hit my goal of 135

    Feb 2nd 2015 I weighed 205 pounds to give you an idea of where I was. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!
  5. Just keep swimming!

    I'm just chugging along! My weight loss has slowed way way down but I am not gaining and I am not a slave to calories anymore so I must say I am pretty happy. I am going on vacation to an all inclusive with my hubby friday for 8 days so I expect to gain a little bit but Im not too worried about it. Im a pound away from my goal and I feel great.

    I went shopping and got some jeans and I know all jeans fit a bit differently but I got some size 6 and size 4. FOUR BABY!!!! In Feb I was ...
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