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  1. Suggestion

    It's a great idea to take a picture of yourself the day of your surgery and then using the same clothes and doing the same pose take a pic every 2 weeks. (Or 1 or 4, whatever you want)
    Sometimes people say "oh look at you! You lost weight and you look great!" but some of us might not see it because we see ourselves everyday. Comparing pictures is a great way to see the changes, if you ever stall or feel discouraged the pictures might make you feel better.
    I also suggest ...
  2. 4 years 4 months

    I hope everyone is doing good!
    Its great to see so many people taking control of their lives and getting the surgery. One of the best decisions I have ever made. It's been over 4 years now. It's crazy when I go back and think about the beginning. The worst memory's I have were the hair loss, long thick hair turned to thread. The smell, I had such BO, bad breath and stinky pee during ketosis. Deodorant, showers and poo porri handled it. Oh and the irregularity when it came to the ...