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  1. Bad teeth

    I always brushed and flossed. I went to the dentist 2x a year like I was supposed to. Then I lost insurance and didn't go to the dentist for 2 years, but I cared for my teeth. All was good, but in the past year my teeth seem to have been deteriorating. As I write this I'm sitting at the dentist office. I have 2 broken teeth, one that has been a 8/10 on a pain scale these past few days. I also have had teeth pulled, and a crown on one. Can't sleep becasue my whole head is throbbing. The only major ...
  2. ♡ worst heart burn ever!!

    Hi all! Been a while since I have visited, life has certainly kept me busy. I just had my 2 year anniversary from being sleeved on December 30th. I can't believe it's been 2 years already, the changes are amazing.
    When I had the endoscopy I was told I had a hiatal hernia. I didn't know much about it, doc said not to worry about it.
    Well, after being sleeved and getting on this site I learned that a hiatal hernia is common with weight gain, and a lot of surgeons remove the hernia when ...