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  1. Just under 2 months away from my 2 year surgiversary!

    I was sitting at my computer looking thru some old pictures. Wow. Was that really me? I saw a picture of me in a shirt I used to always wear because I thought it made me look "thinner" I knew at 255lbs I was big, but I never felt as big as I looked. Pictures of me with my family....I look like I'm a giant. I'm going make an album in my profile with some pictures. The only thing I miss about the old me is my hair. It was so long and it was thick. Now it's short and thin. It is growing back, ...
  2. Will I ever get used to the cold?!

    When I was 255 pounds I was good in a hoodie on a freezing day in January.
    I would sweat like crazy at any temp over 65.
    Forget hot and humid days, I was soaked and dreaded leaving the air conditioning. I kept the a/c at 64 (it wouldn't go lower) all summer long.
    This past summer I turned on the a/c maybe 4 times, each time for a day or two
    Saved on my electric bill :-)
    I love the fall. It just might be my favorite season. Now that I have lost all the weight I ...
  3. Almost 2 years out and doing great!

    Wow. It has been a long time since I posted. Summer kept me busy! Vacation at the beach, amusement park rides etc. All things that I would have avoided in the past.
    For those of you who don't know me...... my name is Teri. I am 32 years old and was sleeved 12/30/2014. I was 255lbs. 5'7"
    "Morbidly Obese"
    I hate that word. Obese.
    I have struggled with my weight all my life, I lost and gained, lost, had a baby, gained. Lost, had another baby, gained. But ...
  4. An update

    Soooo, I am now 123lbs. According to the BMI charts I am a few pounds shy of "underweight" but according to my mirror I am already there.
    My size 2's are baggy. My fitness pal tells me I need 2,320 calories a day to gain 1lb a week. I am having a really hard time getting in that many calories. The foods I eat just don't add up to 2320 calories. Maybe if I has an appetite I wouldn't have as much trouble getting those calories in.
    eating is like doing laundry: Something ...
  5. The stomach bug!!

    My daughter went to her friends house Friday night. They went to the Chinese restaurant and out to ice cream, then hung out at her friends house for 2 hours. Last night her friend started throwing up and having diarrhea, just feeling terrible. Luckily we had plans yesterday or the friend would have come to my house.
    A little while ago my daughter told me she's had diarrhea 4x today. She has no problem eating and no fever/vomiting.
    I have been bleaching everything in the bathroom, ...
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