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  1. anyone know if we can donate blood?

    Hello! I try to regularly donate blood. I have a rare blood type and red cross just loves to call to let me know when it's time lol. They called today but I missed it. I was thinking I would go to the blood drive tomorrow, about 30 min away. Can you donate after surgery? I'll find out tomorrow but just wondering if anyone knows.
  2. I needed to read this...

    I was reading older blogs and came across this post from bikrchk
    I needed to read this. I think I will print this out.

    by bikrchk
    This was written by Leilani Gibbs, mentor to the weight loss surgery community who recently passed.

    May I remember this always!

    "There's noooooooooooooo crying in baseball.....!!!!!!"

    That's the sentiment (scenario) that comes to mind sometimes when I hear some of the comments ...
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  3. My (long) story on how I ended up on the sleeved side.

    So this is my story. I haven't admitted this to anyone. Starting here. I was 145 when I got pregnant with my son, had him March 2011 at 170lbs. I don't know if it was because of PP depression or just because I now found myself home all the time, but I starting eating. A lot. And I don't mean extras at the dinner table, I mean I would HAVE to have a bag of candy a day. I'm talking the big bag of rolo's or Hershey kisses from the candy aisle. Caramel and chocolate were my best friends.
    So ...
  4. Dinner with the dreaded, I mean, in-laws.

    So in about 3 hours I get to go out to dinner to celebrate my mother in laws birthday. two sister in laws will be be there.
    I haven't told any of them that I got the sleeve.

    Rewind about 5 years. When I first met them (the sisters) I was 145lbs. They were very nice. Thought maybe I would be friends with the one who was my age.
    Then I got pregnant. Ate, ate and ate some more. Had a baby, weighed 200lbs. Got pp depression, turned to food. Weighed 250lbs. now the sisters ...
  5. gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.....

    Every single bite and every single sip I take I get the gurgling in my throat. As if I'm swallowing air. I concentrate on eating and drinking, trying so hard to make sure I don't swallow air I
    This is really annoying
    Does it go away as time goes on?
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