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  1. 6 month update

    Quote Originally Posted by mtngrl View Post
    You look fantastic. I started close to your weight and would be ecstatic to be where you are at 6 months post op.

    You will do wonderful. I don't post many threads but it felt it feels so good now that I had to share. I know so many that don't lose right away and get down on them selves.
  2. 6 month update

    Quote Originally Posted by Eve13 View Post
    You look fabulous! We are in almost the same spot--I started at 237 five months ago and am 165 now. Isn't it wonderful to feel so darned good??? Yay for you.

    Yes, it feels great. You are closing in on me fast. My weight lose is slow, but I feel like a new woman.
  3. 6 month update

    Quote Originally Posted by carla3 View Post
    BayouDarlin, you look amazing! I am so proud for you! Hearing all the wonderful stories makes me feel that I
    can really do it too! Sleeve surgery Aug 11.
    Congratulations to you~

    Thank you so much, I feel so much better. There is alot of great information on this website.