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  1. GOOD ARTICLE: Top 10 Bariatric Post-Op Mistakes to remember!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ann2 View Post
    For your reading pleasure and consideration.


    Saw this on another WLS forum and think it's great!
  2. LoVe Tinmans Mantra..something to remember!!

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    tin man are you saying that soda a forbidden drink is ok
    I'm saying that if you can drink them, and you want one, then you should. Just don't count it toward the 80/64. Who the heck says that soda is forbidden anyway?

    Now, for clarification. I don't drink them, or anything carbonated because it tears my sleeve up. But, if I could, and I wanted one, then I would.

    Again..if you aren't drinking sodas because of some caloric or dietary restriction, then
  3. Love this woman...want to remember what this rock star says!!:D

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    We have a lot of new folks around here lately asking a lot of new-folks questions as they are trying to navigate their brand new sleeves. Welcome, y'all.

    I'm 7 months and nearly 3 weeks post-op. I've lost 81 pounds and have 4 more pounds to go before reaching goal. My sleeved life has, thus far, been a piece 'o cake. I had a great surgeon, no complications, and have amaze-balls support in the form of my husband who thinks I rock. Otherwise, I'm on the down low about having
  4. I want to remember this post!! Fabulous

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee6Lee View Post
    (Had to share)

    "I've been reading this site all day and I am seeing the same things over and over. Folks are stalling, folks are doubting the procedure, folks are looking for someone to tell them that it's ok to be bad...etc, etc, etc......

    Look, for those who are recently sleeved, please don't take offense to what I am about to say. You need to keep your advice about diet, exercise, and post op recriminations to your self. You are killing the folks in
  5. 25 days after sleeve surgery and learning learning learning!

    What a learning curve..
    First, i am glad i did this. Second, wow, is there a lot to learn..
    My stomach got mad at me today as i had protein shakes, eggs, refried beans today..it was sick of the protein shakes and it was the first day i didnt get as much in as normal. (the tummy said..no way to the last protein shake!
    i found myself tired and going to bed early..
    so there are Great days, good days and still tired days post op 3+ weeks.
    today was a tired ...
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