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  1. I need help

    I need help getting back on track. I have fallen off track and cant get back. I am gaining and its just so frustrating
  2. feeling like a failure

    so i have been on a stall since june
    ive been 166-170 and its not dropping anymore.
    i hate these stalls
    it seriously gets me so discouraged

    and i need to get rid of this pooch its disgusting
  3. feeling like its just not coming off

    some days i look at the scale and im like why is it not budging
    i weighed in at 187
    i feel like it should be flying off
    i mean i only have a small belly now
    and im following the rules
    and i go to the gym
    so why is it not coming off faster
    i feel like i should be skinny

  4. im so bleh

    so i have been feeling like i am not losing enough or even fast enough. i cant tell im losing which sucks. idk what to do, i follow the rules and everything my doctor says but still nothing. i guess i should be happy bc i started at 225 and im 197 now. idk....
  5. Life is about to change for the good

    I am so excited that i made this decision to get the gastric sleeve. I made the choice for me not for everyone else around me. I know i can succeed on this journey and be a rock star
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