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  1. NSV tinman talked about

    TinMAN wrote he could feel when food he ate "plopped" in his stomach and I finally felt it yesterday after I ate a hotdog on bun---1st one in years--- and it "plopped" into my stomach and I felt instantly FULL. Amazing. I am 15 months post sleeve on 4/3/15 and have been only eating 1 cup of food at a time measuring to prevent over filling. Now I have a "plop". . . .lol
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  2. the dreaded 3 week stall is over . ... I hope

    4/2/15 was my vgs surgery and I lost about 15 lbs at first dr visits and then went into the dreaded 3 week stall and scale did not move until today . .. .so I hope it is over ... .until the next one. what you read here is true . . just keep on keeping on with the plan 60g protein, 68 ounces of water and eventually it works out. a real PIA . . .oh well.
  3. 6 days post op gastric sleeve

    I am now on the sleeved side yah hoo!!!! and it is great so far . . . .no pain or need for pain pills,no nausea vomitting and I am tolerating protein and fluids without excessive gas or discomfort. I have to say this was the easiest surgery for me so far compared with my total knee replacements, birth of daughter, hysterectomy and gall bladder removal. I kind of thought this is what it would be for me except that I read a lot of blogs and complaints so it had me wondering if I would have some ...
  4. Sleeved today

    Impatient at 7:30, or @ 9ish , post op @1pm, up walking with sip sip sip@ 2pm
    All is well. Gas pain under left shoulder---anesthesia still working. I am good---will write more when off iPhone--I am soooo happy celebrating. Thanks for all the help education and encouragmemt

    IT HAS NOT BEEN TOO BAD!!. head hunger alive and well sorry to say but first day was worst. clears for a while makes broth and jello feel like a full meal. i have been good with no cheating even though others eating in front of me. as long as I have protein shake available I can do it---the protein seems to kill the hunger pains for a few hours. surgery is 4/2 at depaul in st louis. looking forward to post op on this journey.
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