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  1. Therapy time

    By therapy time I mean blurting out everything on here, and hoping I feel better afterwards.

    A few weeks ago my husband, two year old grandson, and I went to visit my dad in the hospital. He's been overcome with an infection for a year now. It originated in his artificial knee and had to have that removed in April. We're hopeful that he will finally be able to accept a new knee on the 17th. After we left the hospital, in the middle of the busiest road in Mobile, my car engine blew ...
  2. Check up

    I had my annual female check up yesterday except it was more like two or three years since I last went
    Oops! Iron - great. Weight - 115.5. BP - 82/58.

    First thing my doctor said upon entering the room "Have you always been this skinny?" Hmm. You've been my gynecologist for over 20 years, and you don't know. You delivered my babies. Wtf, man! So I'm thinking he obviously doesn't remember me, but then he asked about my daughter and how she is doing. He just happens ...
  3. I got my girl out of the house!

    Meg had her surgery 3 years ago. She suffered very serious brain trauma 2 months later from excessive vomiting that caused a vitamin B1 deficiency. She was diagnosed with Wernicke's encephalopathy, and was on life support for a couple of months, hospital for 3 months, and left with permanent brain injury. She did get most of her vision back after going blind, but still has terrible nystagmus and no peripheral vision. She also cannot walk without a walker, and even with the walker the walking is ...
  4. My tummy still works.

    We went to a food truck festival tonight, and I was quite excited to get to try all the different foods. It's like i blatantly ignored the fact that was going to be impossible when I bought the tickets to go. We had a good time, but $50 to get in plus the cost of the food while there made it a pretty expensive 1/3 hotdog and couple of bites of roasted corn on the cob. My tummy fills up way too fast for me to get to fully enjoy an event like this one

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  5. Are you sure?

    The saying goes 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.' I don't know about all that.

    We went to the Blue Angels air show on Sunday where I ate loaded ribbon fries, funnel cake, and ordered a large combo supreme pizza to top off the day. I ATE THE WHOLE PIZZA by myself in two days. That pizza was amazingly delicious. I weigh 119.0 today. Yep, that's a 5 pound gain. Worth it! That pizza tasted better than skinny.

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