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  1. Send help! SOS!

    You guy, I'm so tired! I mean, I'm always tired, but now I'm really really tired. Anyone that's ever read anything I've ever written knows I'm lazy (and love my junkfood), so best believe I'm over here having a pity party for myself.

    So you know I live in two different places, right? Monday through Friday I live in a handicap accessible apartment with my adult daughter who is dependent on me for care after becoming brain injured from VSG surgery 2.5 years ago. On the weekends I get ...
  2. Travel

    Last Friday, May 25th, I left my house in Mobile, Alabama, and drove to New Orleans, Louisiana. From there I got on a plane to Las Vegas. From that point my husband and I set out in a U-haul towing a car across the US to move his mother, sister, and her kids to Cleveland, Ohio. It took us 5 days, and I didn't stop eating the entire time. I ate anything and everything i could get my hands on... from In N Out Burger in Vegas to Culvers in Iowa to Mr. Hero in Cleveland to daiquiris in New Orleans, ...
  3. 41 and Fabulous

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    I just turned 41, and I feel fantastic. So far, I am loving my 40's. I'm feeling really excited about what they have in store for me. Next up is my breast lift on April 6th.
  4. So this happened

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    Good Lord, I know I've gained some pounds, but really? Those pants were so far from closing you'd think I'd gained back ALL the pounds. I weigh 115.4, but trying on my formerly fitting pants made me feel right back to my old over 200 pound self. It hurt.

    And what gives... They're size 25. My Joe's jeans are size 25 and fit well. Which ones are lying to me? I thought they're supposed to be more accurate when they are sized that way?? ...
  5. People are so rude

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    This right here is one of the reasons why gaining any weight is painful for me. I post a fun picture of me with my granddaughter, and suddenly I'm "showing off my girls" just because I've gained a few pounds and they're out of control again. Why is it that anyone with breasts is considered showing off their tits when they put on a bathing suit, but anyone else is just wearing a bathing suit? God, it annoys ...
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