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  1. 1 Month Surgiversary - Photos; Op Day, 1 month later

    Wow! It has been 1 month since being sleeved.

    It has not been without it's little challenges, but it is something that I am so happy to have had done. It's still early days, and I am still on a puree diet, but I am now feeling good. I still have some nausea and am getting used to the different feelings in my tummy and learning how to eat, when I am full, learning all my body signals. I have made a few little errors, but it's all a learning process, and I am happy with the way I am ...
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  2. 12 days post op. Eventful few days.

    It's been an interesting few days.
    Mostly good, and post surgery everything seems fine.
    But had a funny turn 2 days ago which scared the life out if me.
    No idea if surgery related, or something completely out of the blue.
    Needless to say I hope it never happens again.

    Had been behaving myself, no heart or blood problems. Doing really well, til last 2 nights ago.

    About 10.30 at night had a nasty turn. Heart racing, extremely dizzy, tight ...
  3. Day 6 - Post Op

    A better day today.
    Had a tough couple of days, and was only allowed home from hospital yesterday.

    I had to have an enema the other day to try to get my bowels moving as I was feeling very bloated and had a lot of pressure (like a basketball was in my tummy). I went, and although no where near normal, it was good to go. Have now had little bouts of diarrhoea, but I am sure it will all settle once I start consuming more than liquid.

    Feeling hungry for real ...
  4. Day 3 - Post Op

    Am in a bit of pain today. Didn't have too great a night. I forgot to take painkillers yesterday afternoon and by 10pm was in a bit too much pain. Need to keep it under control to best manage it, not wait til the pain is severe and then have to try and reduce it. Lesson learnt. Swallowing tablets has been easy, thank The Lord.
    We are now aiming that I'll be able to go home tomorrow if I behave today. Need to get all my insides working (bowels) before I go home. Am now allowed to have sustagen ...
  5. Day 2 - Post Op

    Feeling really good. Still have some pretty bad gas pain, but otherwise great. So well in fact that they have just taken me off the oxygen and my IV. Am not connected up to anything. Now the real test begins as I will need to swallow pain killers orally. Praising God for how well it is all going. x
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