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  1. Low Blood Sugar?

    I am almost a year out and have been at the same weight for the last two months. However I have started having drops in my blood sugar. This has not happened since I was a teenager. I went to see my PCP today who thinks this may be connected to my PCOS and the weight loss. She has ordered blood work to check my levels, but it just doesn't make any sense that this would happen now and not when I was loosing the weight so fast.

    Have anyone had anything like this come up?
  2. New nsv

    Yesterday I wore a sleeveless dress without a coverup. This is a HUGE deal for me because I simply can not remember the last time this happened. At least 15 years and probably longer than that.

    My arms aren't as lean and muscular as I would like, but they are on their way and the fact that I felt comfortable enough in my own skin to be that "exposed" is definitely a milestone for me.
  3. Dumping and full body spanx are NOT a good combonation

    I thought that at 8 months post op I was completely out of the woods and there would be no surprises at this point.... boy was I wrong!
    I have been one of the fortunate ones who has had very little problems with surgery. THEN THIS PAST WEEK HAPPENED!

    We have an out of town guest visiting who wants to try everything the south has to offer.... which is a whole lot! Over the weekend we went out and I did not overindulge but what I did eat was fried and had a good amount of sugar ...
  4. 6 month check up

    It was actually a week past seven months when our schedules finally allowed for the appointment so my numbers are not a true reflection of where I was at 6 months post op. Things have been moving at a snails pace the last couple of months though so it couldn't be that much different.

    It was an odd appointment as I was feeling a bit down about how slow things have been moving and was nervous the Dr wasn't going to be pleased with my progress. I have lost 68 pounds which calculated ...
  5. Kid's Meal

    I have been very private about my surgery with only a couple of people knowing it happened. My adult daughter is not one in the loop. We went out to eat with her family the other day and she was totally shocked when I ordered a kid's meal. (They choose the location with NO healthy options) She exclaimed, "Are you serious right now?!? You just ordered the same thing as my three year old!" To which I smiled and replied, "Small plate equals small waist."
    That shut her up ...
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