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  1. Skittles's Avatar
    This too shall pass. Seems weeks 3-6 are stall weeks for a lot of people. Stay the course and the results will surface. Also remember your body is making some huge adjustments after rocking it with surgery and changed patterns -it needs a chance to catch up. Protein, water, walk. Good luck!
  2. SpringRose's Avatar
    I hate stalls They are so depressing. But, your body needs them to balance out. Then you will start up again. Try increasing your protein intake for a few days- by about 10g. This has really helped me.

    Also, try to get some R&R in. But most definitely, make sure you don't freak out. You are going to hit the annoying stalls.

    The best tool that has helped me is caloriecount on my phone. I make sure all my vitamins are being met with food and supplements.

    I was also told by my doctor to increase my calorie intake little by little- so my body quits starving. TO help this along I track everything I eat and try to maintain the same amount of calories daily.

    Note: If I am super hungry one day I will indulge in the extra calories, then make sure I workout a little with it to up my metabolism. . This has boosted my weight loss every time I have had a stall.
  3. bmiller140's Avatar
    I think you answered your own question. You need to focus on protein and water. The protein will definitely help you lose weight (60 - 80 grams/day). The water is needed to keep you hydrated and flush out the fat you burn. A little more exercise wouldn't hurt either.

    You can do this. Stalls are normal.

    Best of Luck - Bonnie
  4. natex14's Avatar
    The first step is to relax and stop worrying so much. You are so early on and this is very typical.

    Second, get your water and protein up and third, get a little more exercise.

    You will be fine, we all stall. I stalled for four weeks.
  5. natex14's Avatar
    Wow, what a journey. Hopefully the sleeve will do the trick. Good luck on your recovery.
  6. sociologist's Avatar
    Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery:-)