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  1. Nsv!

    if you are familiar with the department store Cato's you know there is plus size side and a regular side to the store....I bought some capri's from the regular side today! Probably wont ever get to in my shirts but I'm officially out of the W's for my pants!
  2. best vacation ever!

    My husband and I along with 2 other couples got to spend 4 nights and 5 days in the beautiful US Virgin Islands...mainly St. Thomas but got to visit British Virgian Islands also and spend a day at St. Johns. I was so happy to be able to do everything without worrying about my weight and being able to keep up with everyone! I was pretty comfortable on the beach in my bathing suite...hopefully by this summer that will be even better. I was able to eat just about anything I wanted my husband or someone ...
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  3. Thanksgiving dinner...what is everyone doing?

    Just wondering if most are having the usual thanksgiving dinner...making traditionals food lighter or completly changing it up? We are having the normal turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, and pies! Im trying a new roasted butternutsquash salad that noone else is exited about but me. I cook pretty much normal and just eat a lot less. I already know I wont eat any dressing or the rolls...just turkey, potatoes and salad...then later some pie! I thought I would be depressed about not being able to eat ...
  4. Chicago!

    just got back from a 5 day trip to Chicago! Never been there loved it! It was for a work conference and we stayed right downtown walked everywhere! I was so happy I could get out and do whatever I wanted and keep up with the much smaller and younger girl than me! We ate well but shared all our meals so I didnt go overboard at all and with all the walking I came home with a 3lb loss! OH and I didnt need a seat belt extender on the plan even had extra belt left over! Love my sleeve!
  5. 7.5 miles!

    My family a group of friends went hiking this Sunday in Mckitrick canyon part of Guadalupe state park. It was so pretty and not very hot. The fall colors were in the canyon and gorgeous. The hike was 7.5 miles and I made it! I am even alive and walking today! A little sore in my legs and feet but so much better than I thought I would be. We love hiking but I had gotten to the point I couldnt do it my knee hurt to bad and I was just to heavy to go very far. So it was great being back out there with ...
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