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  1. Sleeve REVISION

    HEY ALL!!!
    I was successful until 2 years ago when A LOT of things happened: loss of my brother; graduate school; sedentary job (mental health); more health issues. I regained 45pd and can't get it down. I went back go pre-op/pouch reset. Nothing is working.

    I have the option to get a resleeve in Mexico by Sergio Verboone.

    I'm worried due to having 3 heart attacks 2 weeks after my last sleeve. I also developed chronic upper back pain due to stomach issues. ...
  2. Desk Job Struggles!

    With my first desk job, I find myself at a top weight in two years. I am trying to incorporate more workouts and eating healthy. I found out recently that Zoloft (prescribed at my husband lost his job and we nearly lost our home) may have contributed to part of my belly fat. However, I know some of this is my diet and lack of activity.

    In May, I started my first full-time desk job. The pay is incredible but the suffering my body is taking is horrible. It is nasty for my major back ...
  3. Any Advice: Mysterious back pain 3 years out advice. See the doc tomorrow

    Any advice will be helpful. I will see my normal doc and the new local gastric sleeve surgeon. Before surgery I never had back pain. Now it is a daily battle. I have seen a physical therapist, working on strength training, and done anything suggested.

    Tomorrow I plan on asking about MRI's and anything else. I also plan to ask the surgeon what may have caused it. Do you guys know anything?

    Triggers: eating til full, eating sweets, sitting too long, standing too long, ...
  4. Chronic Back Pain since surgery.

    After some research on other gastric sleeve sites, I have found others have experienced this upper back and beck pain I have since surgery. Can any other my vets here say how they control their pain? I am so desperate.

    I am almost 3-years out. I have had several cordisone injections done from mid back to my neck, and am now on Cymbalta. The shots worked on all but one muscles in the back--the worst one. And, after 6 months the Cymbalta is not working much on pain. At first it was ...
  5. 5 k

    Has anyone even done a 5 K? I have NEVER done a marathon. After 6 months of laziness and seeing my size go up and celulite hit, I need motivation. This seems like it would be good for me. And I am so EXCITED to do it with my daughter.

    Does anyone has any suggestions on how to get into shape for this? How about running? I normally end up with neck and left shoulder pain from running. The only person in my town that helps teach you to run wants $250. NOT in my price range. HAHA.. I ...
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