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  1. Fae's Avatar
    Congrats on your progress! Wow 29 pounds---one day that'll be me!!! Keep up the good work.
  2. fri38cy's Avatar
    Thank you all.
    Ema-had my thyroid checked last week. I am also short
    I was just released last week to start exercising using machines and weights. This week so far I have walked 4 miles in two days and added weights and machines.
    I am keeping a closer eye on my protein to make sure I get 60oz and I am getting atleast 64+ oz of water.
    Today's attitude was much better. I agree with Donna I need to relax and just do what I am suppose to and wait for my body to realize this is the new normal.
    Thank you all for your support
  3. ariggs's Avatar
    dont give up ....it just might be slower for you! 25lbs is still good!
  4. lil_lisa's Avatar
    You could post your food and exercise and maybe someone here can help you figure out how to make it better for you, without that we have no way of knowing if you are following the plan or not and how you can improve your results. Good luck on your journey.
  5. robin825's Avatar
    I think 25 pounds in 43 days is AMAZING!! WOW!
  6. acnichols's Avatar
    Also don't forget this was major surgery as well! Your body takes time to adjust. Everyone is different. I've read hundreds of these posts. The thing is that if your on here long enough you here the ones that are 8 months out a year tell the newer ones stop weighing. Focus on your protein and water intake. Focus on exercise! And before you know it the same person says wow I started moving now I'm a size ! It is amazing. Here's the big one trust in the process! Don't give up! You can and will do this!
  7. donna1743's Avatar
    I am 61/2 mos out and I average a pound every 4 to 8 days . You got to relax and quit worry about it the sleeve is a tool THAT REALLY WORKS. Just keep getting your protein and liquid and you will lose. Just cause you are not losing fast is not a reason to think you wasted your money. This is not a race this is a life long jounery and believe me it is the best thing that you could ever do for yourself . Read all the post on this forum and you will find out WE all go thru this. PLEASE. Keep your spirit up you can and will lose the weight. God Bless we are here for you.
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  8. Ema's Avatar
    I hear your frustration! I have no idea how tall you are or what your starting weight was, but I would not give up yet - not that you really have that choice! I am a shortie with hypothyroidism and it does mean weight loss is slower for me. Have you had your thyroid checked since surgery? Are you exercising?

    Remember, you are only a failure if you give up and, since you have no choice to give up, you are not a failure. Your hormones will return to normal as you continue and your feelings will even out as well. Hang onto feeling brokenhearted for tonight and then let it go.
  9. ariggs's Avatar
    right there with you! same pound up and down! everyone says throw away the scale so i have not weighed in over a week now! water water water and protein. Im just now 6wks out and just this week hitting my protein goal and water goal consistently and of course excercise! Ive done some but not consistent. So this week Im following the program to the T. Best wishes to you, Im sure we will both start loosing again soon!
  10. aliveandwell's Avatar
    girl...i am right here with you on slow weight loss.. i lost 9 pounds the first week then stalled for 3 weeks. tomorrow is my 5 week surgery date and i have only lost 13 pounds.. i have juggled up and down daily.. and I'm still not eating solids.. i tried to eat chicken and fish...but i threw it up.. I'm trying to be positive also.. its really hard not to lose what everyone one else is posting...its very frustrating...im trusting the process.. there is no other option... but to trust the process....i go to bed hungry and wake up hungry... I'm following all the rules....so.....im just waiting!!!! its gotta work!!!!
  11. natex14's Avatar
    Remember that this surgery is a life long, not a quick fix. Just relaxe and enjoy the ride, you will be losing in no time, but it will be a rollercoaster of emotion if you let this journey control you. Stay positive and be patient.
  12. fri38cy's Avatar
    I see him this week and should get the next stage of my diet. Which is (moist soft canned, deli or fresh chicken and turkey) Tuna cottage cheese, string cheese mashed potatoes and a few other things but I can't remember.
    I am ready for something other than broth.
    My sister was eating chicken a week after she had gastric bypass.
  13. lundbergmn's Avatar
    You should be on liquids for 2 weeks!!! Let your sleeve heal! Don't push it!
  14. Shaneece28's Avatar
    Your doctor letting you eat turkey and chicken next week?
  15. alyson1975's Avatar
    It's nice to hear everything went well its very comforting to us up coming sleevers.
  16. vonik's Avatar
    Good luck, best wishes you'll do great!!
  17. Pooky's Avatar
    Wishing you the best. You will do great!
  18. Lorna's Avatar
    You'll do great! Congratulations and good luck!
  19. alyson1975's Avatar
    good luck hope all goes well
  20. Graciegurl's Avatar
    You can do it!!!!!! Check out my group for positive messages! Positive Thinking That Lead To Positive Changes

    Have a safe journey and let us all know how you are doing once you are on the *sleeved* side of life!!!!
  21. fri38cy's Avatar
    Thank you all. My surgery is Monday.
    So I am feeling a little nervous but also ready for a change.
  22. Oklahomom's Avatar
    Mine went like candik's. I lost my butt immediately and then hips and then started up on top. I joke with people that the fat was literally melting off me from head down. While I still have hips bigger than I'd like, they are small enough to look 'normal' now. I think some is a little bit of extra skin. I had 5 c sections and so my tummy skin is rather jiggly, but is melting away enough that I don't feel self - conscious if my shirt pulls up over my tummy area. I am almost 7 months out and even though I've gone from a 22 to a size 12, my weight hasn't fluctuated much, but my body is still changing. I can't expect to look a perfect 10, with 5 kids and being over 200 pounds for 20 years, so I'm satisfied.
  23. candik's Avatar
    My butt and thighs were the first to go then my shoulders and neck and now my midsection is catching up. It's been the craziest thing.
  24. smile38's Avatar
    I am pear shaped as well and I started in a 26 and am just fitting into 12's now. It's really strange because my weightloss has been really even across my whole body. It's not like when I was on diets and exercised before and lost 80 lbs - my shape was totally different - and while I was toned - I was still large in the hips and bottom. Not now. They are shrinking as my body shrinks. I'm just turning into a curvy woman with a waist!

    Best Wishes!
  25. janetm's Avatar
    That would describe me as well. I am down 89 lbs. and have lost fat from all over my body ... including hips, butt, thighs and the inside of my knees. I still am heavier in my legs than the rest of my body but my jean size is definitely going down as I continue to lose. I started with a size 24 jean and now wear a size 12.
  26. fri38cy's Avatar
    Today was better. So I am hoping that tomorrow will be even better.
    Thanks for the encouragement. I am still hungry but next week at this time it will all be
    over. I will be on the other side and it will be a different set of emotions.
  27. Pooky's Avatar
    I agree, it gets easier after 2-3 days. You'll do great!
  28. Truebody's Avatar
    It gets better after Day 3. You need dig deep and prepare yourself for a good mental stoush for the next 2 days and then it will much easier.
  29. Fae's Avatar
    I'm not there yet, haven't started the pre-op, and not really looking forward to it. Good luck.
  30. connie3's Avatar
    I too started my pre- op. I am starving. 3 protein drinks. 4 no cal drinks, and 2 fat free yogurts. Oh and hello. Next a sf popsical. Any ideas for not starving to death.
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