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  1. Finally...

    Finally after weeks of the scale not moving. It finally did for 3 pounds!!
    Today it has been 2 months since my surgery and I am down 29 pounds and for the first time in 3 years I am out of the 300's. So happy to finally see some movement on the scale but it is going away again for awhile.
  2. Some days it is so hard.....

    Somedays it is so hard for me stay positive. I am 43 days out since surgery and I have only lost 25 pounds. I have been rereading all my books on thyroid issues and trying to figure out how to get things moving. But it seems that once again my body is going to make things difficult. My thyroid is reacting to the surgery and is basically holding on the fat cells. So I am in a waiting game and my thyroid is once again calling the shots.

    I love hearing about but everyone's success ...
  3. Wanting it to happen!!

    I will be one month on the 9th of July and my weight doesn't seem to be moving as fast as I feel it should. I have lost somedays 23 and other days 24. I have gained and lost that one pound for a week now. I don't know how to get my body to let go. This has been my fear on every program that I have ever done 25 has been my limit. Once I hit that I can no longer lose anything. I want to break that cycle and get out of the 300's. I just keep waiting for my body to realize that this is the new ...
  4. Went well

    Had my surgery on Monday the 9th and everything went really well.
    Was off pain meds during the day Tuesday and only requested them at night after walking 3 times around the hospital floor for the second time that day.
    Remember being in recovery in and getting sick but other wise no upset tummy. Still tired and sleeping but planning on bumping up my activity next week. And ready to eat some turkey and chicken next week.
  5. This is it!!

    This is my last night before my surgery.
    Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning.
    Feeling a little scared, anxious and unsure of what is on the other side.
    I have done 9 days of broth, yogart, pudding and j-ello.
    I have second guessed myself all the way up today and have thought what the hell I am thinking.
    But I want something different.
    I want a different life and I have done everything else so this is the next step.
    Going to try to go to ...
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