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  1. Progress in the last 6 months!!!!

    As of today I have lost a total of 64 lbs in 6 months. I am planning to do a full mommy makeover mid next year. The full sensation I hope never goes away. I have done my blood test and my b-12 is on the low side along with my iron. I am doing 1 to 2 b-12 shots a week along with my vitamin. Iron supplements I can't really take because it will cause me to get backed up. Overall I am happy with the weight loss so far except for the loose skin I have. I am joining the gym to try and tighten everything ...
  2. Sever back pain

    Hello everyone, I had my sleeve surgery on the 10th of march. I have been doing good aside of a few pains and questions along the way. I was unable to go to the bathroom for about 7 days. I took a few of the items the dr suggested and they ended up working fine. The only problem I am having is sever back pain and slight pain where the main incision is located. My back pain is all the way across the middle of my bacK. I have tried sleeping with a heating pad and it helps only slightly. I am taking ...
  3. 5 days without going to the bathroom

    It's been 5 days and i can't go to the bathroom. Any suggestions? Maybe pruning juice? Help now I'm getting worried.
  4. Today I am breaking up with food & need advice.

    Last week I was feeling great about my weight loss since surgery -20 in 2 weeks. They allowed me to start eatting soft foods. So far I have been eating yogurt, cottage cheese doubles, egg whites with hummus and salsa and fate free cheese and lentil soup. Now my weigh loss has stopped and Im going crazy. Am I eating something wrong? I spoke to my trainer and we are going to start working out again this wednesday. I have decided to write a break up letter to food. All those comfort food, fast foods, ...
  5. help advice weight problems

    So I seem to have gained a few pounds and I don't understand why. All I've been eating Is A Few Spoons Of lentil soup a few spoons a of hummus water cottage cheese and 4 oz of 1 percent milk. I was losing weight pretty steady and all.of a sudden I weigh myself this morning and boom there were the pounds. Is this something I should be concerned about should.i stop eating and go back to water and protein shakes.
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