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  1. BillyJ's Avatar
    I suggest you find a bariatric surgeon and go to him. My Dr in Tx told me he has seen many patients who went to Mexico and helped them out. You might want to call around and see if they are willing to take you on. Good luck.
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    If you're still looking for Colorado surgeons, see this thread:


    I hope you feel better very soon!
  3. SarahBear's Avatar
    Could you have a stricture? Did they do a dilation with the endoscopy? If you're not keeping things down it could be a stricture. Call your PCP and ask.
  4. Toopie2Seater's Avatar
    So sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope your results are negative, and if they are, I agree with everyone else - it sounds like dehydration. Doesn't make much sense that when our bodies are low on fluids that something would occur (extreme vomiting) to actually worsen the deficit, but that's exactly what happens. Praying that the nausea eases, allowing you to consume the necessarry amounts of liquids to get better and stay better. Hugs.
  5. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Very sad. So sorry.
  6. janetm's Avatar
    Oh - I went down a similar road post-surgery - It took awhile but eventually the nausea stopped. It's very important to stay hydrated because dehydration makes the nausea and throwing up worse. The anti-nausea patches (you stick them on behind an ear) helped me. I was given really expensive anti-nausea meds but it was the cheap ear patches that helped in the end. It was hard when it was happening and I was hospitalized over Christmas but eventually the nausea was controlled. It's far behind me now ...

    Hang in there ... Like Marvinator said - hopefully you will soon be looking back on this as a distant memory.
  7. donna1743's Avatar
    Get some pedalite or Gatorade try sip it from a sippy cup , this could be dehydration, some Dr. Are so mean they have no human kindness. You are in my prayer..try a sip then wait a minute then another slowly. ."....please let us know how you are doing....blessing
  8. Peg's Avatar
    Soo sorry for your troubles,I was dehydrated 1 week post op.and I was very sick.my surgeon took one look at me and knew.try to sip water as best you clan.I know it is easier said than done.but you owe to yourself to keep trying to get that water in.sending prayers and hugs your way.
  9. Marvinator's Avatar
    I had some days like that here and there due to dehydration. I made several ER trips. Its all behind me now and feels like a million years ago. Hopefully you will be able to look back on yours the same way.
  10. Ima Fox's Avatar
    MktMathis, Good luck to you. Your experience sounds so scary. Please drink as much water as you can. I've seen people's youtube videos where they became very sick & had to go to the ER. Basically, their problems were caused by dehydration. If you need some milk of magnesia, take it. Please let us know about your progress. ((((((MKTMathis)))))))).
  11. Terps's Avatar
    I'm so sorry and really sorry doctors are being insensitive. I'm in Colorado but don't have any recommendations. I hope you get this figured out and cleared up quickly.
  12. KajunKween's Avatar
    So sorry your having trouble. I wish I had advice to give, just hang in there, and I hope things get better for you.
  13. Mktmathis's Avatar
    They did have it sutured with four sutures the drain was in the middle. Surgery was Friday got my drain out Sunday.

    I use a low carb tortilla and add skim milk cheese, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and a fat free dressing. Really nice for on the go. Eat a quarter, save the rest for dinner or for lunch the next day. Fat free bean and cheese are my lifesaver. Super yummy and high in protein.
  14. Cabo_Chica150's Avatar
    No, not normal, call and see your physician
  15. toutdesuite's Avatar
    Was your drain site sutured? My drain site was not sutured. I asked my sister, who is an RN and was taking care of me post-op, why it wasn't stitched and she said because sutures don't work after a wound has been open for a period of time (I had my drain in for two days). My incision healed up nicely without the sutures, but I did have to keep it clean, dry, and protected w/ gauze/tape for awhile.
  16. janetm's Avatar
    Definitely not normal ... have a doctor look at it.
  17. DanellefromTexas's Avatar
    I wouldn't touch it without seeing a physician. You could also contact your weight loss coordinator with Dr. Almanza. Mine is Melissa and I just text her with any question I have. In the meantime, keep it clean with alcohol.

    Also, what kind of wraps do you make? Would love to know what works for you!
  18. fri38cy's Avatar
    What about fruity protein drinks??
    Diet direct has bariatric drinks that are 12-15 grams of protein
    I get a cran-grape and berry one that is pretty good.
    Just wondering if that might help you get your drinks in if they were fruity.
  19. Paulleska's Avatar
    Welcome aboard your new weight loss journey.. I found I had issues too with Protein drinks. In fact I still do sometimes and I'm now 2 months post op. I can eat protein bars and they help. Things will get easier and soon you will know what works for you and what doesn't.. As everyone keeps saying "we are all different" so be patient and soon you'll be giving your own advise.. Good luck..
  20. donna1743's Avatar
    Just to say welcome to the sleeve side. It been 3 months and 35 lbs. lighter, LOVE IT. This surgery is no piece of cake it harder than any diet that you ever been on. This a brand new life we watch everything goes in our body and believe me I know how you feel been there. I still can't eat but 2 bites and I start to hiccup that the way my stomach tell that enough. I gotten use to eat sometime I get scare to eat but I tell my self eat. I get the nectar protein. They have lots of flavor. Right I have cappininco ,lemon tea, fuzzy naval, and strawberry whey protein . Sip on the all day long. Yesterday I finally got up to 50 oz. .. I started 10:00 a.m. Up till 3 a.m. The next morning. Just be patient and relax this is a remarkable jounery.......good luck....God Bless
  21. sociologist's Avatar
    Awesome! Keep up the good work:-)
  22. leafswife's Avatar
    wishing you a speedy recovery
  23. bgedang's Avatar
    I found that once I could get proper water intake, I had way more energy. Took about two weeks for me to start feeling it build.. and then before I knew it.. I have so much energy now with the weight loss and eating better that I cant slow down. Hang in there.
  24. jacquidaniels's Avatar
    Your mashed potatoes comment made me laugh! Only a sleever would find that funny! Best of luck!
  25. idigfrstbase's Avatar
    I am 2 weeks out and tired. I try to get in enough calories, 600 at least today I am low but I cant eat I am so full, keep up with the protein. good luck!
  26. teresattt1's Avatar
    Im not sure where u went. But I was so eager to get back I sat at the airport for 12 hours before my plane took off. LOL. But it was very much worth it. Your engery will come. Keep up water intake and if u like them, the Atkins Protein Shakes got me thru. I still drink them. Look forward to ur updates.
  27. Mktmathis's Avatar
    I didnt think about the high protein diet at work and the weight loss, I mean im sure they'll figure it out. I work in the medical field anyways...
  28. mrsjoe's Avatar
    I know what you mean about your husband. Mine sometimes forgets the minor things like oh, feeding the children. But luckily, your oldest is old enough to remind him when it's time to eat, and I'm sure the 8-month-old can express hunger. They'll be fine. They may get more junk food than normal and play fewer educational games, but it will be alright.

    So far my husband is the only one besides the surgeon and his team who know about the surgery. I actually lied to my work and said I was having hernia surgery. I'm using PTO, so it's not like I have to fill out any leave forms. I've also let drop to a couple people that I'm going to be starting a high protein diet to try to explain the differences in my eating and any weightloss.

    Have a safe trip to Mexico. I'm sure everything is going to be fine at home!
  29. kaygee's Avatar
    I only told my husband and my bff. My husband has been supportive. My bff has been soso. She has questioned me about it and was concerned about the surgery. But she never talks about it with me.